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Gluten Free Valentine Cake Pops

Valentines Day is a few weeks away, and this is one of the Best recipes you can treat yourself with. I’m a lover of cake, and there cake pops are the perfect treat for everyone in the household. 

You can use either vanilla or chocolate cake, but make sure that you buy the gluten free mix. You can use chocolate or vanilla cream icing, as long as it’s sugar free. You can decorate it with any type of sprinkles, as long as they are pink and red. 


  • 1 chocolate cake mix ( gluten free) . 
  • 2 cups chocolate or white chocolate chips 
  • Vanilla or chocolate sugar free icing 
  • 1 package valentine sprinkles 

  1. Bake the chocolate cake as directed. Make sure the cake cools completely 
  2. Once the cake has cooled,  crumble the cake up into a big bowl , and make sure their are no chunks. 
  3. Massage the cake in your hands and press the mixture into your heart shape molds that you have. This will give you the perfect shape for your pops. 
  4. Place on parchment paper and place in freezer for 1-2 hours. Once they are done, stick the pop sticks in the bottom. This is the best Valentine treat! Enjoy! 

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