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Detox with Teami Blend Tea

It’s always Tea Time at my house, and I am loving Teami Tea Blends. I try to drink tea daily , and this particular blend has been amazing. 

I know there are many detox teas on the market, and I have used many of them. This particular Tea has a great taste, and I’ve felt more energy than any other tea. 

The Teami Blends Tea comes with a two pack of the morning blend and the colon blend. The morning blend boosts your metabolism, raises your energy, and helps keep those food cravings at a halt. The colon blend is the night Time tea, and it helps purify your toxins, helps reduce Any bloating, and improves the digestion. I’ve noticed better sleep quality also with the nighttime blend.

The great component about this particular Tea is that it’s all natural with no additives, and it’s soy free and vegan. If any of you are wanting to kick start a detox program, this is a great tea blend that you will love. You can find this at http://www.teamiblends.com

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