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Great Ways to cut down on Sugar

We all crave our desserts and sweets from time to time. Some of us have them occasionally, while others live on it daily. There are many ways that you can decrease your sugar intake, just by some great daily habits. Its best to know that a habit can take a while to get out of. If you are one that gets hungry, and grabs a candy bar every day, then taking proper steps will help you out of that bad habit that is harmful to your health. Sugar is a drug. Its addicting and its harmful to your body and health. It brings on so many ailments down the road, such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, high cholesterol, and so much more. I really don’t buy it for my home. I feel kids can pick healthier choices that gives them the proper energy their body needs. For instance, if you are one that loves chocolate, try adding in dark chocolate as a treat. Endangered species sells the best Dark chocolate out there. I keep them around my house all the time. If you travel quite often, try packing your own snacks . It prevents you from stopping at the crappy fast food sites. That food ends up making you feel horrible, and zaps your energy. Great snacks that you could take are nuts, fruit, cut up vegetables with hummus, or even whole grain cereal bars. Packing a small cooler is perfect for traveling.

I always keep water around my home with fresh squeezed juices. I would rather my kids have a naked drink then pouring them a huge glass of pop. Its all about the balance of food choices. Drinking plenty of water makes you feel fuller through out the day, and prevents over eating and sugar cravings. make sure to have plenty of healthy snacks on hand. Cut up your vegetables weekly for ready made snacking. Its perfect if you have kids. If your schedule is busy through the week, make out a menu for the week so that you are pre planning and preparing meals. This prevents eating out , which can ultimately be unhealthy. taking small steps every day will get you away from that sugar.


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