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Great Ways to celebrate Valentines Day

Valentines Day is almost here, and I have some great ideas on how to spend your special day. I love this month because its always a fun time to do crafty ideas with my daughter, and we always love baking. We always love skimming Pinterest ideas. It’s a great time to do fun activities with your kids, but don’t forget about your significant other. They can’t be forgotten right? Times are chaotic these days filled with kid priorities, so getting lost in the craziness is essentially easy for couples. This time of the year is nice to just give a friendly reminder , in way of gifts or dinner, to let them know how much they mean. One great item that always works if you are both wine lovers is buying a great bottle of wine. Wine clubs are the best , where you can be picky about the wine you want. When we travel, we always pick up a great bottle from a restaurant we have loved and put the date and place on it. A great bottle can be popped open, or just kept for a later time. Heading to a great restaurant is also great.

If you are thinking of something for your lady, then flowers and a great book she has been wanting is always a great gesture of appreciation. I feel Valentines Day can be over rated for some, but its a great time to let your significant other know you do appreciate him or her. Chocolates are always a favorite of mine. I mean who doesn’t love chocolate? My daughter loves it too, which helps. It doesn’t necessarily have to be those things that are given. I think a great money clip is great for a man. It’s something that they can use everyday. The smallest things can have the biggest meanings, and that is what’s important. Love is spread in many ways.


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