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The Best Exercises for your Glutes and Booty

The swimsuit season is around the corner and who doesn’t want to get their booty in shape. That seems to be the one body part that most women complain about. If you find yourself being short on time, or just find yourself not being a “class” person, there are many exercises that you can do to give your butt a great lift. Hard work really does pay off. Weight loss and toning requires a combination of a great diet and the right exercises. You cant expect to get a great ass if you are eating donuts for breakfast and then hitting the gym. Cardio can help improve the weight you lose, but it’s the booty exercises that will reshape and tone. Here is a list of my favorite butt toning and glute exercises.

  • Do a high impact elliptical for your cardio. If you have to start out small on the incline, then work your way up, that is fine. This will increase your intensity also while being low impact.
  • Running or jogging up trails are great for the butt muscles. This helps your butt, glutes and hips. Jogging , not walking will do this.
  • Jumping Rope- I love jumping rope. If you jump in 1-2 minute intervals, then rest ,then do 2-5 more sets, you will start feeling great.
  • Stair running- this is perfect for reshaping your butt and glutes. You will definitely feel the burn. Try to create sets . This is also Heart-healthy.
  • Squats and Lunges- The number of squats and lunges you do will totally redefine the glue muscles, and you will notice your butt taking shape. Everyone wants the uplifted ,firm butt. You want to make sure that you are working out everyday for at least 45 minutes. If you come up with a great workout plan or want to grab a workout class, make sure that its for at least 45 minutes. You know that you are getting a hard workout . A great ass will not take long to get if you put the work in.

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