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5 Habits of Successful women

I recently did a poll with some successful women who I feel have taken their strengths and helped improve the lives of others, or have really deepened their goals or expanded their businesses due to passion and drive. I know what makes me that way, but it interested me to know , ” what makes them tick”? It’s amazing what I came up with. To me, here are 5 amazing habits of Successful women. 

  • Wake up Early- every woman I talked with woke early. It is a mixture of ready to start their day, they have superb ideas to help their businesses, and it gives them time to themselves for a bit. They have time to eat a healthy breakfast, workout if needed, and have ” me” time.
  • Very mindful- these women take atleast 10 minutes every morning upon waking to count their blessings, do 10 minutes of meditations, clear their heads before jumping on their phones. They feel their minds are more focused after doing this.
  • Make their beds- Most of these women make their beds once they jump out of bed. They feel that they seem more calm with one less thing to do, and like most ” OCD ” people, they like their bed nice and neat.
  • Conquer their To Do list- Most of these women have To Do lists. They seem to think that once all their first three things are accomplished, the TO DO list comes out. Most of the women said that they can get atleast 2-3 things done off their list , even before heading out the door. They say that just an extra 30 minutes each morning is helpful.
  • They work out- All these women make sure that they get their workouts in every day. They feel that feeling healthy and fit accompanies their motivation and determination for getting tasks accomplished.

These are great habits to accomplish even if you don’t own a business, or work full time. Taking time for yourself is the key to a good balance of keeping your self motivated and inspired everyday to start another day of creativity.



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