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Top excuses that can cause Weight Gain

Weight Gain is such a huge problem in the world today. Not to mention, it’s one of the top reasons people get ill, and get inflammation in the body. Inflammation is the culprit to many diseases and illnesses. It’s a problem today due to the craziness and chaos that surrounds us daily. Our schedules are busy, and we’ve are feeling pulled between daily rituals daily. One thing is for sure.. we have to take care of ourselves to live better lives. It’s up to us to feel our healthiest and be as healthy as we can as we age.

One of the biggest excuses I hear people say is that they have no time. Make the time ! You are worth it. Your family and your health will thank you later. It’s up to you to make the decision to lose weight and get healthy. Here are the top 5 excuses for gaining weight. If you don’t change your outlook, things will not change for you. 

  • I have no time! Who does these days? Time will never slow down. One thing that gets taken from the list will be replaced by something new. Make the time. Cut an hour out every morning If you have to. If you can make time to go to Starbucks, you can make time for the gym. 
  • Food is expensive! Food will always be expensive, but what’s better? Eating healthy and feeling good, or being sick and heading to the doctor? INvest in yourself. Good food is expensive for  reason. Take the time to buy real wholesome food. It will change your body, mind and spirit.
  • I cant get motivated! Unmotivation is a sign of laziness to me. You are worth that motivation. Make goals, set up a goal list for yourself, promise yourself a great pair of shoes for the weight you lose. It’s all about balance . Laziness stems from the mind. A strong mind is motivated.
  • I can’t control my cravings! Everyone has them! I have them. I crave chocolate, but I opt everyday for a piece of dark chocolate. There are ways around your cravings. Everything now days can be substituted for something healthy. Allow yourself your favorites for getting yourself in shape. Do it sparingly.
  • I hate being in the gym! Who says you need the gym? YOU have two legs. Get out and start running or jogging or even walking. It’s great toning, and awesome for the heart. INvest in some online videos, weights , or workout subscriptions. You don’t need to join a gym to get in shape. If you move, your on your way!

Remember that making time to get in shape and workout will be so much more rewarding then making excuses of why you can’t. You can!!! YOU have to change your mind set. It’s up to you.


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