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Want a healthy heart? Get Good Sleep

The correlation between good heart health and good sleep goes back a long way. Research shows that people who suffer from sleep apnea, or poor quality of sleep takes a toll on your heart. Research recently showed that people over age 45 who slept fewer than 6 hours a night had a higher rate of stroke and heart attacks. Lack of sleep affects your blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle contraction in the heart. Get good sleep

Sleep is so important, and lack of it also affects glucose-metabolism, and risk for diabetes. People often ask, ” what is a good nights sleep? Studies show that the majority of us need at least 7-9 hours a night. This re focuses our brains, and helps with the release of stress. Without long periods of sleep, this increases our risk for high blood pressure which leads to multiple health problems. Lack of sleep increases our irritability to day to day tasks, increases anxiety levels, restricts the blood vessels. A multitude of heart problems are directed straight to a lack of sleep.

The key to good heart health is finding a balance of what sleep is required of you. Getting to bed at a decent hour, early to bed, early to rise, is a good key. You should wake up feeling refreshed and have more energy than normal.

Great ways to get better sleep are :

-keep your regular bedtime routine. Don’t change it.

-try to avoid drinking alcohol before bed. This totally disrupts sleep and can keep you tossing and turning all night.

-avoid drinking water an hour or two before bed. You will be taking bathroom visits all too much.

-avoid exercising right before bed. This keeps you up due to the energy you just created.

-drink some soothing tea before bed such as lavender or chamomile. This has a relaxing effect on the body.


Make GOOD sleep a priority to reduce heart problems and improve your health overall.

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