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Yoga for Flexibility

Yoga has been around for centuries, and lately it seems to be growing more rapidly. It has even grown to the likes of Wall Street in NYC with “lunch sessions ” being given to the high stressed jobs of stock brokers and traders. There are so many benefits to yoga, that how can one not incorporate a downward dog into their day. Studies have shown that yoga can help with lowering blood pressure, help lower stress levels, and pain management. Studies have shown that chiropractor’s have even incorporated yoga sessions into their clients regimens to help alleviate back pain . The benefits are all so amazing, that yoga will continue to grow. Yoga isn’t just for the trendy people, we are seeing hard-core athletes take yoga by storm. My son is a perfect example. He uses his body so much at a high impact rate, that yoga has helped him with preventing injury and preventing back pain. According to studies, More and More professional athletes are taking it us to help with keeping their bodies flexible during the season. They have seen a decline in injury with the athletes that are doing it. kill that stress

We want more flexibility as we age. Our bones and muscles tend to not be as “young” as they once were, so its important to incorporate a good practice of exercise into our daily habits. Yoga helps keep the core flexible also. The core is the limelight of our bodies, and a strong core helps us maintain efficiency in our daily lives. It helps lengthen and stretch your muscles in a very effective way. Adding a great yoga class in with good wholesome nutrition helps maintain balance in the body, and to prevent inflammation from occurring. Its helpful in relieving tension and stress in such a huge way. Try grabbing that next Yoga class that pops up, or try one out for that matter. Who ever wants stress anyway?

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