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The Ruffle Revolution in Fashion

If you ever talk to anyone that knows me, they will tell you that I absolutely love fashion. Honestly, shopping cures all. One thing I’m loving right now is the Ruffle trend. They are adding them to everything that could fit into ones closet. The Ruffle off-the-shoulder tops are one of my favorites right now. That paired with a great skirt is perfect for a casual day. If you are looking for a more formal , cocktail attire, the dresses with the added Ruffle in the front is also a hit. Ruffles have always been a decor additive in fashion as long as I can remember. I remember My daughter wearing ruffles everyday as a little girl. They always added cuteness to the outfit, and it’s no different today. The tips that we are seeing come in many different ruffled styles. It’s just a great way to add a little chic to any outfit. 


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