Interview with Yoga Instructor Lisa Banu

I am so blessed to know this lady and call her a friend. She is one of the sweetest , and has literally changed my life. I wanted to interview her to get some insight on why she loves yoga.

1. Could you tell me a little about yourself?

I have a life long fascination with beautiful, meaningful, tasty things. I studied architecture, got my PHD in philosophy , taught design history at Purdue, and now working on a cookbook for my daughters. I’m a nerd that loves to read, write , eat and cook.

2. How did you get interested in yoga?

I got interested in yoga by accident. There are still classes at Morton Community center near campus where my daughter took dance lessons. I saw the course and schedule and then thought I’d give it a try as a break from teaching and analytical thinking. I found myself happier after each practice.

3.What encouraged you to teach yoga?

Two reasons: I wanted to become more consistent with my practice and I wanted to learn about modifications that would help me keep practicing despite achy knees or a sore neck.

4.What do you think is the biggest health benefit with yoga?

The biggest health benefit is emotional. I feel lighter in spirit and body.

5.How has yoga changed your life?

Yoga has helped me be more self-aware. It has made me gentle with myself and others.


The AMAZING benefits of Red Wine

Red Wine is one of my favorite loves. I’ve been drinking it for years now, and I have to say I’m a bit infatuated with the taste. It doesn’t stop there. I love wine tastings, pairing my wines with the best of foods, the beauty of wine bottles, and always interested to know about wineries. I’m so excited to be visiting the beautiful Sonoma in the fall.

I also love the fact that of the health benefits that it offers you . Red wine has lots of antioxidants in it known as Reservatol. It is a great antioxidant known to reduce oxidative damage to the body. It has known to prevent heart disease and help with staving off cancer cells. For all of you non-wine drinkers, you can find amazing reservatol supplements to gain the benefits from it. 

The benefits of drinking red wine has turned wine drinking into one big delightful hobby. Of course it’s the taste, but it’s great knowing that you are putting something more beneficial in your body. It’s not to say drink a bottle a night, but studies have shown that drinking 3-4 glasses a week have helped with lowering sex hormones levels to protect against breast cancer. It has also shown that drinking wine weekly ( atleast 2 glasses) have shown to help stave off the common cold. It helps lower your cholesterol and keeps the blood vessels flexible and helps to control blood sugar. A recent study just came out that shown Reservatol helps boost the brain. These are amazing health benefits and I say I’ll be drinking Red Wine for a very long time.


The BEST lashes with Private Label Extentions

Fake Lashes are popular these days, whether you have a wedding, a cocktail party or even for every day wear. I mean it when I say , “It’s crucial to buy the best of the best when it comes to lashes.


Private label extentions is the best in lashes. I’ve tried numerous kinds, and their lashes have the most natural feel. They truly are comfortable and look amazing. The best part about their lashes is that they are 100% mink and 100% hand crafted to give you the look of natural lookimg lashes. The idea is to give yourself the illusion of natural lookimg lashes and they do just that. I tried the Chloe and Elle lashes and they both looked wonderful. I had so many compliments on them. They are the finest Of quality . The best part also is you can go for the natural look or glamorous look. Private label has so many styles to pick from. The next time your looking for that natural lash, look no further than with Private Label Extentions. 


The ReStart Smoothie

Smoothies these days are the go-to quick nutritious meals that are quick, easy and full of your days vitamins and minerals. The ReStart smoothie is a great starter smoothie for anyone who feels their energy is low or needs a good jump start on their day. It’s full of antioxidants and nutrition and gives you balance and clarity through out the day. This is a very holistic shake that is designed to raise your health to a new level. ReStart smoothie

-1 cup alkaline water

-1 cup coconut water

-2 tbsp almond butter

-2 tbsp hemp seeds

-1 tbsp Maca powder

-1/4 tsp cardamom

pinch of himilayan sea salt

– for more antioxidants , add in 1/2 tsp of ashwagandha

Blend all ingredients until you get a creamy consistency. Enjoy!


Welle Protein Chocolate smoothie Delight

  • These days every store under the sun is selling protein. Protein of all kinds. The key to finding a great protein is making sure it’s free of preservatives, and how much gain of protein per serving you are getting. Protein builds muscles and it’s lucrative to our bodies. Welle nourishing protein

The perfect protein in my eyes is by Welle Co. I’m sure most of you know of Elle McPherson , the supermodel of the 90’s. She’s a co owner in this amazing protein and it’s perfect for your children too. It’s GMO free and vegan and is made up of pea and rice proteins and dandelion and rosehips. This is amazing and the fact you are putting something so pure in your bodies, is well worth the price tag. My daughter loves chocolate smoothies, and this is perfect in the mornings right before school. 

-300 ml macadamian milk

-1 frozen banana

-1 scoop or the Welle nourishing protein

  • a few ice cubes to make it much colder

Blend all together and add a few bananas to the top ! It is yummy and a hit with the kids.