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I’ll have a little BUTTER with that coffee please!

The Food Movement is for real, and they are moving BUTTER into coffee these day. Yes , that’s right! I know some of you are cringing at that thought, but it is the best thing for your brain. If you are one that doesn’t eat breakfast, you need to be adding butter or ghee to your cup of joe. Our brains are made up of 60% fat. We need our brains to function in the mornings, and if you aren’t eating a healthy breakfast, then your brain will be slumped, along with other things. The butter also prevents overwhelming the digestive system. It provides the necessary fats that our bodies need. Butter in your coffee also helps with low energy throughout the day, and crashing and burning. Who likes that feeling anyway? If you are one that gets the jitters from having too much coffee, it actually dampens the effects of the caffeine.

IF you are one that wants to maximize your antioxidant benefits, then butter is the key. Butter only has minimal amounts of milk protein. IF you are taking supplements along with a healthy diet, then the butter will not interfere with the absorption of your antioxidants. It actually may increase the benefits since fats help your body absorb fat -soluble antioxidants. If this is new to you, you may want to start out slow. Start out with a small amount of butter. Your body may not be use to it at first. Everyone has different body chemistries. This may be a new wave in your health regimen and  I promise you , you will be adding so many benefits to your whole self. Ditch the creamer, and add butter!

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