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Welle Protein Chocolate smoothie Delight

  • These days every store under the sun is selling protein. Protein of all kinds. The key to finding a great protein is making sure it’s free of preservatives, and how much gain of protein per serving you are getting. Protein builds muscles and it’s lucrative to our bodies. Welle nourishing protein

The perfect protein in my eyes is by Welle Co. I’m sure most of you know of Elle McPherson , the supermodel of the 90’s. She’s a co owner in this amazing protein and it’s perfect for your children too. It’s GMO free and vegan and is made up of pea and rice proteins and dandelion and rosehips. This is amazing and the fact you are putting something so pure in your bodies, is well worth the price tag. My daughter loves chocolate smoothies, and this is perfect in the mornings right before school. 

-300 ml macadamian milk

-1 frozen banana

-1 scoop or the Welle nourishing protein

  • a few ice cubes to make it much colder

Blend all together and add a few bananas to the top ! It is yummy and a hit with the kids.

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