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Organic Spinach and Mushroom salad

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I wanted to share with you one of my favorite light salads that has been a favorite of mine for a while. It is loaded up with Spinach which is a huge super green food loaded up with antioxidants. It is full of fiber also. The mushrooms in this salad make the salad so delicious. It is imperative that you saute the mushrooms before hand in either olive oil or coconut oil to give your mushrooms flavor. It wouldn’t taste the same with uncooked mushrooms. I usually add some tomatoes to this salad, but that is completely optional.

This is a great salad to serve for a party or a cookout. You just want to double up the ingredients . kale salad

-2 cups organic spinach

-1 cup cooked organic mushrooms sautéed in 2 tbsps. coconut oil or olive oil. Saute them for about 10-12 min.

-1/4 cup balsamic vinegar and olive oil mixed. This is your preference of how strong you like your dressing . Don’t use store bought balsamic. You can get different from each of them. Mix yours up. You can then try to use tomatoes or mandarin oranges to add to it. Enjoy!

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