Five Amazing Boosters for your Coffee

We all know that sugar is a disaster. Its a disaster to our health, skin, and over all body functions. It does NOTHING good for us. Too much of it can alter our mood swings, cause obesity, and challenge our health in many ways. If you are a morning coffee drinker , and love to put SUGAR in your coffee, try to use these amazing health boosters instead. They all have amazing health benefits, and can help our bodies thrive without weighing it down. We want ot feel good and have good focus through out our days.

1. GRASS FED BUTTER OR GHEE- Im sure you have all heard of the health benefits of butter in your coffee. It is an amazing energy booster, and it can help with focusing all day long. It gives our brains that fatty boost first thing in the morning upon waking. It is full of good healthy fat, and its what our bodies need. Its loaded with a great ratio of omega 3’s and omega 6’s.

2.CINNAMON- Who doesnt love cinnamon? Yummy! This has always been a warm spice that people crave during the cold seasons, and you see it served in spas due to the antioxidants that it has. It is loaded with anti- inflammatory properties to say the least. This sprinkled on top of your coffee will make you crave that next cup.

3.CAYENNE POWDER – Ok this one is wonderful, but you dont use a whole lot. It is a nice spice that helps with getting your mind going in the morning, and does offer a bit of a kick to your cup of joe. Perfect combo : cayenne and grass fed butter.

4.Collagen – ok we all love collagen. Its the protein that helps with keeping us youthful looking and has great gut health benefits. Mixing a bit of this in our morning coffee taste a bit like butter. It will help keep our gut healthy and that glow to our skin.

5.Protein Powder – ok so you didn’t think you could put protein powder in your coffee? Wrong! If you are using a flavored powder such as vanilla or chocolate it only adds to the delicious taste. Ill take a vanilla latte please!

Adding these amazing boosters to your morning cup only adds to the health of your body, mind, and spirit