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5 Amazing Foods to Beat the Bloat

Feeling Bloated isnt a fun feeling, especially if you are heading to a get together, and need to wear that fantastic dress that you have been dying to wear. Bloating can be caused by a number ofthings, but there are ways to prevent it. Now alot of women tend to feel a bit of bloat during their menstrual cycle, or maybe you have changed medications that can cause bloating as a side effect. If these occur for these reasons, its best to take it up with your doctor. Eating these the amazing TOP 5 foods can really help to minimize that bloating feeling that we all despise. High fiber and plenty of fluids is the key

1. ASPARAGUS – This is a superfood that helps our body flush out excess water, and helps to help us maintain a healthy digestive tract. It helps to reduce bloating and gas. This is perfect to top on a salad, or eat with a bit of seasoning on them along side some delicious tilapia.

2.BANANAS- These are extremely high in potassium. They prevent water retention and help to regulate your sodium levels. They contain a good amount of fiber , which in return can keep the bloating at bay. These are great sliced and topped on some yogurt, or just as an afternoon snack.

3.ALMONDS-They say that too many of these can make you fat. No that is not the case. Almonds are loaded up with good fats that our body needs. They help you stay lean. Almond butter is another alternative to just eating almonds. They can be added to smoothies, or even to your favorite salad.

4.AVOCADO- These are my ultimate favorite. Avocados keep you from retaining water, and they are very low in sodium. These are amazing on salads, or added for a creamy taste in your juices.

5.OATMEAL- One of the reasons that we get belly bloat is because of foods sitting in the digestive tract for too long. Adding oatmeal to your diet helps move the food along in the digestive tract, and makes room in there. Adding this to your breakfast is a perfect way to eat oats.

These 5 Foods will help you keep the Bloating at Bay. Adding these foods to your daily diet, and increasing your water intake will help also. Herb salad

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