IT’S OUT! Yes Im talking about the New Nars Liquid Blush. i’m sure I have told you that Orgasm is my favorite, simply because it looks the most natural, as if you have a bit of blushed cheeks. It looks amazing on just about every skin tone known to man. The liquid blush retails for $30 and comes in a glass bottle with a pump. Talk about gorgeous. To me, any thing liquid looks more natural than any powder. The consistency is awesome. You can apply this by itself , over your foundation or tinted moisturizer, or apply a bit over powdered blush for more of a sheen. They offer four shades based on the permanent line that Nars has. If you are using this by itself, it doesnt require a whole lot. It only takes 1-2 small drops to give your cheeks that gorgeous hue. It spreads evenly over the skin. I advise when using it to use a damp blending sponge. The liquid blush to me has a pearl essence that no powder offers. Looking for a new vibrant way to get radiant cheeks? Check it out at any sephora store. Cheers!Nars Blush


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