Off the Shoulder Fashion is rockin

Everywhere I turn I’m seeing off the shoulder fashion in different forms . You see dresses and tops and even jumpsuits. The look is taking over this year, and I can see why. You can turn a dress from classy to edgy in no time. It takes a change of shoes and a few accessories. The best look this year is the cute tops with bow ties on the arms. Those are adorable. 

It doesn’t take an army to look great in one of these styles. You see this style for a night out to dinner or even a casual lunch. I know that some women think, ” I could never wear that, or ” I’m too old for that. I’m here to tell you , “NO your not. You see the likes of the gorgeous Helen Mirran and Susan Sarandon wearing these gorgeous styles. This style is meant for all ages. A great look to add to this is some amazing long earrings with a great updo. Its time to bring out the inner diva, no matter what age you are, and dress it up for the night! Your never too old for fashion. It lives on and on for everyone! 


Organic Blueberry Popsicles

It’s Summer everyone, and who doesn’t love popsicles? Don’t they remind you of your childhood summers after a long day at the pool? Well I have s great recipe for you to enjoy without all the added sugars and preservatives, and I promise they will not give your children a crash after eating them.

The best part is they are super easy and fun to make. It would be a great recipe for you to make with your children. This recipe can be altered with any type of berry you choose to use. I use blueberries because I absolutely love them.


– 2 pints fresh organic blueberries

-1/3 cup basil ( finely chopped)

-1/3 cup honey ( organic)

Throw all of these ingredients into a blender and blend well. Pour the mixture into popsicle molds and freeze. These bars can be frozen up to 3 months. Perfect to last the summer. Once they are froze, remove from molds and enjoy! Add this simple delight to your summer.



The Amazing Benefits of Moringa Leaf

Move over Spirulina, we have something better. I’m kidding on that one, but there is another Superfoods that is making its way into the health world, Moringa Leaf. This super food green powder is making its way into smoothies, juices, and even pudding . The reason… it’s an amazing Superfood with health benefits that will last a life time. This amazing leaf contains more vitamin C than an orange, more vitamin B3 than you find in peanuts, and more vitamin A than in one carrot. It has more iron than spinach, and more fiber than you could ask for. The superfood is phenomenal and the antioxidants that it contains is superb. The best part.. is what this super leaf does.

– it’s known to lower inflammation in the body by suppressing our inflammatory enzymes. This in turn reduces inflammation in our bodies that cause disease and sickness. Disease starts with inflammation so it’s so important to reduce it any way we can.

-helps with cholesterol and blood sugar levels. WE all know that high cholesterol and high blood sugar can cause heart disease among other ailments. Taking moringa leaf has shown to reduce these in people that took the supplement for four weeks.

-greater liver support. Morninga leaf has shown to reduce oxidation in the liver. The liver is a very important organ that we need, and it’s imperative that we keep it cleansed and detoxified as much as possible.

-great infection fighting power- this leaf has shown to control fungi that causes infections or strains of infections. This is how powerful mornings leaf is . This super green is a huge component to add to any diet. 


Transform your energy with Yoga

Yoga is a century old practice that has been around since the beginning of time, and we are seeing huge health benefits in the body, mind and spirit. I know I’ve seen huge benefits in my self since practicing. Yoga doesn’t stop there. It’s a proven statistic that yoga can transform our inner energy to a point of complete bliss. The laws of physical science state that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but can be transformed. We all have energy within us. It’s the emotional track that gets us there. We have the capacity to change every thought, desire, and emotion that lives in us. Bad energy is the likings of fear, negativity, jealousy, anger, people that possess these qualities. You want to steer away from those qualities and people. They are the ones that bring negativity around you , simply because they have serious personal issues that have nothing to do with you. You want to put yourself around positivity, happiness, joy, and people that bring the best out in you or want the best for you. Yoga can broaden you reach positive energy and make you feel your ultimately best. When you align your practice to a positive thought , desire , or your creativity, your inner peace will soar. A supply of power arises daily in each of us. It’s the powerful mind that puts us there. A daily yoga practice will transform your energy like no other through using your power kinetically. It will direct your attention appropriately. If you use you right reserves efficientally, you will feel more happiness, joy and well being.  Take the time to grab your mat, give yourself some personal space , and take your mind to a gratifying place. It’s all worth it.


Ways to Maximize your Weight loss with Walking

Running may be the star of the Cardio workout, but Walking can benefit your weight loss just as much. Fast-paced walking combined with a healthy diet has shown to help with quick weight loss. Studies have shown that 3 ( 30 minute fast paced walks a week ) have increased weight loss by 50 percent. Slow strolling of course will help with slower weight loss, but adding these tips to your weekly walks, will not only help with weight loss, but help with toning your body. 30 Minutes of high-speed walking burns approximately 220 calories, at the right speed. Maintaining a high power walk will get you there. Make sure you keep your posture in line so you don’t strain your neck. Contracting your abs when you walk will only help tone that belly. It’s a bit like contracting your abs in a plank position, but only your walking. I advise to NOT use dumbbells when walking. They can strain the shoulder ligaments, and tendons. Swinging the arms is just as good for toning. Making the most of your walks is the key to weight loss. It’s a great idea to try to add hills on your walks, and take longer strides. This helps drive your forward , building your upper strength and can increase calorie burn by 10 percent. Try to start off  with a good pair of walking shoes that have good traction. If they don’t, you will start wearing your feet down. Are you a runner? Try to add intervals to your walks. Short Sprints along with your walking will increase calorie burn. Increasing your walking time will also do double duty to your calorie burn. Get moving today ! walking does the body good