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Ways to Maximize your Weight loss with Walking

Running may be the star of the Cardio workout, but Walking can benefit your weight loss just as much. Fast-paced walking combined with a healthy diet has shown to help with quick weight loss. Studies have shown that 3 ( 30 minute fast paced walks a week ) have increased weight loss by 50 percent. Slow strolling of course will help with slower weight loss, but adding these tips to your weekly walks, will not only help with weight loss, but help with toning your body. 30 Minutes of high-speed walking burns approximately 220 calories, at the right speed. Maintaining a high power walk will get you there. Make sure you keep your posture in line so you don’t strain your neck. Contracting your abs when you walk will only help tone that belly. It’s a bit like contracting your abs in a plank position, but only your walking. I advise to NOT use dumbbells when walking. They can strain the shoulder ligaments, and tendons. Swinging the arms is just as good for toning. Making the most of your walks is the key to weight loss. It’s a great idea to try to add hills on your walks, and take longer strides. This helps drive your forward , building your upper strength and can increase calorie burn by 10 percent. Try to start off  with a good pair of walking shoes that have good traction. If they don’t, you will start wearing your feet down. Are you a runner? Try to add intervals to your walks. Short Sprints along with your walking will increase calorie burn. Increasing your walking time will also do double duty to your calorie burn. Get moving today ! walking does the body good

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