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The Amazing Benefits of Moringa Leaf

Move over Spirulina, we have something better. I’m kidding on that one, but there is another Superfoods that is making its way into the health world, Moringa Leaf. This super food green powder is making its way into smoothies, juices, and even pudding . The reason… it’s an amazing Superfood with health benefits that will last a life time. This amazing leaf contains more vitamin C than an orange, more vitamin B3 than you find in peanuts, and more vitamin A than in one carrot. It has more iron than spinach, and more fiber than you could ask for. The superfood is phenomenal and the antioxidants that it contains is superb. The best part.. is what this super leaf does.

– it’s known to lower inflammation in the body by suppressing our inflammatory enzymes. This in turn reduces inflammation in our bodies that cause disease and sickness. Disease starts with inflammation so it’s so important to reduce it any way we can.

-helps with cholesterol and blood sugar levels. WE all know that high cholesterol and high blood sugar can cause heart disease among other ailments. Taking moringa leaf has shown to reduce these in people that took the supplement for four weeks.

-greater liver support. Morninga leaf has shown to reduce oxidation in the liver. The liver is a very important organ that we need, and it’s imperative that we keep it cleansed and detoxified as much as possible.

-great infection fighting power- this leaf has shown to control fungi that causes infections or strains of infections. This is how powerful mornings leaf is . This super green is a huge component to add to any diet. 

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