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5 Ways to AVOID Burn-out

We all have been there. The chaotic times of having crazy schedules, and 101 things to do or get done. I’m sure you have said to yourself many times, “When can I have some Me time? Whether I’m right or wrong, Burn-out can wreak havoc on our emotional and physical state. It is a proven statistic that stress will break down our immune systems. The Best bet is to find ways to avoid it, and I have them .coffee time with friends

There are three types of burn-out. You have overload – which consists of too much work, and not enough play time. This can overwhelm us and make us edgy. Not having enough time for yourself can burn you out quicker than anything. Lack of development- this is where you feel stress when you feel your not doing enough- YES YOU ARE!! End of discussion. The last kind of burn-out is Neglect- the kind where you aren’t taking care of yourself in the aspect of health, spirit and emotional wellbeing. If you are feeling any of these, you are experiencing it. Here are some great ways to avoid it and live your best life.

-Cut down on saying NO- You can say No to people. If you feel that every time you turn around you are away from your family or doing things for other people besides yourself, JUST SAY NO! You don’t have to be doing everything for everyone all the time.

-Make enough tim for you- you have to find some things that make you smile, and fill your self up with joy. Find a new hobby or take a girls trip. Its so good for the soul. We all need that.

-Stop trying to perfect your life. No one has the perfect life. Everyone has stresses, or crazy schedules, or busy kid schedules. Stop trying to do it all . I know that you may feel like it makes your life better, but in the end, you will be a chaotic mess. Live your best life by being around the people  and tjhings that you love.

-Keep a journal- writing down your goals and keeping track of your trip memroes and writing in general is amazing. It helps to keep everything in perspective.

-Hang out with your friends- friends make everythinng better. They make you laugh, smile, and good girls talk is always great. Add  these things to your life and you will be so much happier in body, mind , and spirit.

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