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Yoga over Running.. Why I chose it

Running has always been something easy for me to do. You get up , grab your shoes and you go. I’ve always ran daily until I fell in love with yoga. It literally has changed my life. I still hit up my daily hiit class, but yoga Is amazing. The complete euphoric feeling you have when you feel like you just completed 50 downward dogs in 95 degree heat. The sweat drenching off your face may not be pretty, but it sure does feel amazing. I have become so obsessed that when I’m out of town in my favorite city of Chicago, I’m grabbing the next best class. Have I mentioned that hot yoga burns the calories? Running would always make my shins hurt, and I’ve realized that I’m not a spring chicken anymore, but I want to feel healthy and fit no matter what age I am. Yoga has given me more focus on my days. I’m more intuitive with the things and situations going on around me. It has made my core stronger. I feel my abs have never been more strong in my life. I’ve made amazing friends in my little yoga village. The amazing people that come in your life with such good mindsets is what inspires me. You realize the value of life , and the little things that are important. Yoga has given me that. To be perfectly honest, I don’t waste my energy on mindless people or negative energy any longer. It seems yoga has brought so much positivity around me. I make sure when I’m not in town, that I hit up the next amazing yoga class being taught. I’m even excited to try the rooftop yoga at the London House this month topped off with some Moët champagne. Yoga never gets boring, and it has made me grow in ways I never thought possible. I make sure I get my Namaste everyday!


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