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Ways to prevent congestion in the body

Congestion can live in our bodies daily. It is another term that I love to use which mean inflammation. We all know that inflammation can wreak havoc on our health if we all don’t get a hold of it quick. It all means to prevent it. We were born to move daily. It doesn’t have to be extreme, but moving daily whether it’s walking , running or even biking is a great way to keep everything moving internally. The choices we make with our eating, moving, sleeping etc will help prevent congestion in our bodies. There is different types of congestion. It can be internally , which is the common things like high blood pressure, pain in areas of the body, or rapid heartbeat. Other kinds of inflammation can be change in skin, mood swings, fatigue, and an overall of not feeling the best. The decisions we make daily affect the internal feelings that we have . They can change how are bodies react on a daily basis. Here are some great ways to reduce congestion in our bodies and feel at the top of our game each and every day. 

– Eat a healthy diet- this includes greens, superfoods such as Kale, spinach, and spirulina. Add in a wholesome juice each and everyday with your favorite superfoods in it. Make sure to blend in plenty of great vegetables along with fruits. Stay away from preservative filled foods and foods with horrible additives.

-Drink plenty of fresh water- water Is so important to our diet. It’s not only drinking It, but getting enough. Try to get atleast 8-8oz. Glasses a day. Water flushes toxins out of the body and helps to reduce inflammation. Add in some fruit or lemon to your water to give it a sweet taste.

-Add in some good herbal supplements daily. This gives your body balance and internalizes the proper levels inside the body. We all need good supplements if we aren’t getting it in our diet. Incorporating these tips daily will make your body , mind, and spirit feel amazing. That’s the goal is to keep our bodies at a more alkaline state.

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