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Wine Wednesday fashion appeal

It’s that time again.. Hump Day! The middle of the week, and the time where we all deserve a great glass of wine to celebrate the fact that we made it half way! Yes , every Wednesday is Wine night for me, but unfortunately I am heading to Yoga tonight! The outfit I have on is perfect enough for a night out with your girlfriends or even to relax at home. The shirt is by anthropologie , and my shorts are by Banana Republic. My shoes are by Dolce Vita. The shoes themselves are perfect to wear with just about anything. They are the perfect neutral camel color that pairs great with any color. My sunglasses are by Prada, which are my ultimate favorite. A great piece to add to any outfit would be a delicate chain which are in right now. Nothing to flashy to accent a simple outfit. Well I hope you all hold your glasses up tonight and celebrate another blessed day! Cheers! 


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