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Journaling for Mindfulness

Journaling has become so popular these days, due to the fact that it helps improve your life in a variety of ways. It brings peace and much more. It gives us an awareness on what kind of life we want to create or the goals that we want to achieve. I have many friends who keep journals for their fitness routines. They log in what they ate, the calories, and the kind of workouts they do. They write down the feelings they felt after the workout and it really does improve your quality of life in that retrospect. Journaling is also calming and relaxing. I do it to remember special moments, or amazing trips that I go on. I then can reflect back on those memories along with the pictures I attach with it. Journaling is healthy for the mind and spirit. It gives you a great connection between your mind and wonderous thoughts. If you are on a vacation, and see something amazing or a special moment that made you feel great, journaling is a special moment that you can always go back on and read about. It grounds the mind in many ways, and brings out your nurturing creativity. It can be used not only for diet, exercise, and travel, but special moments as your kids get older. The memories that you shared with them. If you are having certain issues in your life, it may be good for you to write them down on paper. It helps the mind grow, and can bring a whole new transformation to your life. Its healthy and fun, and I encourage everyone to pick an amazing journal that is pretty cool to you and start writing. They have super cool ones that have beautiful pictures on them. Get writing!

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