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Happy Monday!

I wanted to do a post on a great little gift that is perfect for anyone. Its the Bless Box. This is my second month of receiving this cute little box full of amazing things that I promise you will love. Each month this box gets delivered, its full of surprises. Each month the box is filled with different things that range from health products to beauty products, to even jewelry. The last two boxes that I have received, I have fell in love with. This is perfect as a gift also. Its up to you to decide how much you want to spend a month, and the products in the box are never the same. I recently started getting one delivered for my daughter. I cant get over all the cute necessities that I have fallen in love with since getting this. Another idea is if you get the box, you can take some of the items out and give as stocking stuffers. you may get a few samples thrown in there as well. I love mine, and I’m sure you will love yours too. This is my recent Bless Box that I received. Check out the goodies! .You will see many amazing treats such as the Maybelline eye pallets, the cute little sleep mask for the eyes, and the amazing Thanksgiving cards. The Bless Box is the perfect ending to any day!

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