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Hi ladies!

I get emails all the time asking me about my clothes. I am currently reconstructing my blog, and I am adding a great deal of fashion flair to it. I recently posted my comfortable outfit from yesterday, and have gotten many emails on it regarding my top. My top is one of my favorites. I am a lover of Express sweatshirts, and the last time I checked these were out of stock, but recently got more in, so grab one while you can. This outfit is a great matchup for a chilly Fall Day. The jeans are by Joes Jeans , which I love due to the stretchy material. They make amazing jeans that fit perfect. The slip on boots are by Sam Edelman, which is one of my favorite shoe designers. Doesn’t his shoes rock? This outfit would be great with a jean jacket for an added look, and also a great pair of shades for a sunny day. The boots are perfect for crazy, busy days due to the comfort of them. It can sometimes be hard to find boots that are comfortable. Fall clothes are fun, and just adding a few different pieces to your favorite jeans or shoes is a great way to make a statement. Fall Fashion

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