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Golden Milk Turmeric Latte

Happy Thursday!

One of my favorite drinks that I am loving this season is my Golden Milk Turmeric Latte. It has such a great taste and is the perfect way to start the mornings. It’s also a great substitute for coffee. We all know the great health benefits of Turmeric. It has the best anti inflammatory benefits and helps with a variety of things. It helps to keep blood pressure stable and helps with a variety of ailments. I hope you enjoy this drink as much as I do.

– 2 cups organic almond milk
-3 tablespoons organic honey
-3” peeled fresh turmeric or 1.5 tablespoons turmeric powder
-1” fresh ginger

1. In a medium pan, pour in milk and hon etc . If you are using fresh turmeric , grate that and the ginger into the mixture.
2. Heat until warm. Turn off the heat and cover the pan. Allow the Milk tea to steep for about 2 min . Not any longer.
3. You want to strain the drink and put into a mug. This recipe contributes to 4 mugs. Enjoy!!

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