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Jewelry is the best thing since sliced bread! Do you agree? I mean who doesn’t love the look of gorgeous jewelry. It makes you feel amazing, and adds so much to your style. It’s crazy how Jewelry has changed over the years. It seems in many ways, history repeats itself. The days of the charm bracelets have made their way back , as well as the chunky old time necklaces. Either way, it’s all Beautiful. The best jewelry I’m loving these days is Uncommon James jewelry by one of my favorite fashion icons… Kristen Cavallari. She has some of the best fashion in today’s world and adds so much to it with her amazing jewelry line. I can’t get enough of it , and I’ve bought so much for gifts as well as myself. The look is delicate and classy and can add shimmer to any outfit. Thecearrings are one of my favorites as they come in so many different selections. The post earrings are perfect for day and night. The necklaces are the perfect accessory to an edgy outfit as well as a conservative outfit. The rings are a beauty in itself. They are feminine and classy. Uncommon James is a great line if you are looking for delicate, beautiful jewelry . I’m so glad she came out with this line. If you love her style , you will defintely love her jewelry. It’s the perfect line to give advice a gift for any occasion.

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