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Spice up your Morning with my Favorite Vegan Eggnog Spiced Latte

Hey Ladies!

It’s that time of the season where everything seems Merry and Bright, but of course a bit chaotic at times. It seems through the hustle and bustle of the Holidays, it feels great to drink some good holiday cheer. This recipe will add a bit of sweetness to your days, and of course, IT’S HEALTHY. I love Starbucks so much, but one drink’s calories equals a whole meal. I love this recipe because it is vegan, and it is so delicious. You can add any toppings to this drink. My favorites are a bit of whip cream, and cinnamon sprinkled on top. I still enjoy my Starbucks, but I try not to add in extra unwanted calories every day. This is the perfect drink for Christmas gatherings, and having something delicious while you wrap your gifts. Enjoy!

8 oz. silk almond milk eggnog
2 tea bags of Chai Tea ( organic)
1/2 cup strong espresso

In a small saucepan, heat the eggnog and two tea bags over medium heat. You never want to allow it to come to a boil, as it will be too overheated. You want to make sure you stir often. As soon as the eggnog formstimy bubbles. and it’s about to start simmering, make sure to remove from the heat immediately. Remove the teabags from the egg nog. Pour coffee in your favorite mug, and top with the chai spiced egg nog and add whip cream and cinnamon or any toppings you love. Girls this is by far one of my favorite holiday drinks as well as my daughters, and I’m sure you will love it!The Best Holiday Drink

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