Simply Scrub is the Best in Organic skincare

We all know how big the skin care industry has become with products coming out daily on reversing sun damage, help with aging problems, and reducing crows feet. The problem with some of those products is the fact they are filled with chemicals, and preservatives. You really have to ask how healthy are these products for you? Well one amazing company that has amazing body scrubs is Simply Scrub. I can’t tell you how impeccable these products are. They are 100% organic, and chemical free with out all the yucky pesticides. You know when you use these that your skin is getting the best care inside and out. The best part is that they smell amazing. The Rose Body Scrub is my ultimate favorite. The aroma that these scrubs set off are like no other. It’s truly hard now days to find all natural skin care products that are adding protection inside and out to your skin care regimen. Simply scrub is all that and more. These scrubs provide gentle exfoliation where they are easy on your skin. They provide improved circulation, and leaves your skin feeling moisturized, and gives it protection. They help with reducing skin aging and if your skin is sensitive these scrubs help to prevent skin break outs. Who doesn’t have a hard time finding good viable products when their skin is sensitive? Simply scrubs are amazing and only the Best in skin care.


Valentines Day Favorites

Happy Monday!

Valentines Day is just around the corner, and I want to share some of my favorite Valentines Favorites with you. Many people can’t seem to get into Valentines Day, but for some reason I love it. It may be because it’s around my birthday. I love making cute cake pops or some cute cupcakes, and I love giving my friends some great wine and chocolates. I love to gift give. It’s my favorite. I absolutely love chocolates and wine together. There are many great ways to spice up your husbands or boyfriends day. The smallest things go so far and mean the most. Leaving a cute note with some of their favorite chocolates in their car, or just making them up a small gift basket of some of their favorite things is something nice to do. It’s also a cute idea to set up a time to hit a wine bar before sitting down to a nice dinner. For the little ones, they love anything and everything. My son is way to big to get those valentines gifts, so I usually get him one of his favorite gift cards or a card with cash. My daughter still loves the girly things, so I usually buy her some personalized chocolates , and take her for a pedicure , or even buying those over sized cards are always fun. There are many ways to let your significant other and family know how much you mean, and it doesn’t even have to cost a thing. Taking your family member to lunch, or making them a nice dinner is always a great gesture. As chaotic as the days seem to get with sports, and other things, it can be hard to make the time through the week to get to dinner or even make dinner sometimes. Writing a nice note or doing something nice for someone will go far.


Travel Post : Napa Valley

Hey Ladies!

I wanted to do a travel post for you on the beautiful Napa Valley, California. I have had many emails asking where we stayed, what to do, and the best restaurants. I thought it would be wise to share it all with you , and that way you have all the important information that you need. When you decide to travel to this destination, it can be overwhelming deciding where to stay. I’m not sure with the bad fires that they have had, what is still open or being reconstructed. It all just makes me sad thinking about it. We stayed at the beautiful 5 star Bardessano hotel and spa. I can’t tell you how beautiful and amazing it was. Every single aspect about the place was impeccable. The service, the menus , the restaurants, the rooms. We stayed in one of the best rooms and it was furnished with our own private patio, and had the turn down service which was so nice. We had our own private out door shower, and massage tables for our own private in room massages. They had chocolate covered strawberries with champagne for us when we got there. Yes I did devour them immediately. The workout room was outside, and right next to our room. It was very private with only two rooms adjoining the workout facility. The pools had views like no other. The Spa itself was divine. Did I mention their hot rock massage is out of this world? Besides the fact that we fell in love with the place, the service is at your beck and call. We will always stay at Bardessano. If you are new coming to Napa, it is encouraged to hire a driver to take you to all the popular wineries, or rent a car and get a list before hand. We drove into Sonoma, and We stayed in Yountville. We had a driver for the day, and she took us to three amazing wineries, but then we drove to Sonoma, and then to Sausilito.

The Auberge du Soleil was the most magnificent place we ate at. The views are out ofthis world, and according to people that we talked with, it has the Best views from anywhere. We had dinner there, and had the most amazing table overlooking all of Napa. The wine was amazing, and the food was rated higher than a 5 in by book. It is hands down amazing. We shopped a lot in Younsville, and they do have some pretty amazing boutiques. We got up every morning and worked out, then had a light breakfast, and took a bike ride. We are pretty early risers, so seeing the sun come up was so beautiful.

We decided to drive over on day to Muir Woods, and hike a bit. We had been there already, but at different times in season. It is always so beautiful to walk in that place. The trees and nature are seriously breathtaking. We traveled over to sausilito one day and had lunch in the gorgeous little town. They were having a great wine fest when we were there, so I had to try some amazing Chardonnay when we were there. I wish I could tell you all each and every detail, but we were so busy when we were there, and I can’t stick every detail in, as I would be writing this for two hours. All I can say is Napa is really one of the most beautiful places on Earth.


MY Four Top Beauty Trends On the Rise for 2018

Hey Ladies!

It’s a new year and a New You, and I have to share with you what I think will be the Popular Beauty Trends of 2018. Every time I turn around, it seems that some new company is coming out with new lashes or a great new lash boosting mascara . It is a sure sign that everyone is wanting gorgeous, full lashes. I think we will see more and more companies coming out with these products and longer eye lash accessories.

One craze that is going nuts right now is Fenty Beauty by Rhianna .We know just how gorgeous she is and the many fans she has will soon be in stores swooping up her amazing collection, if they aren’t already. She has some gorgeous colors out that will fit every skin tone, and her foundation is a must too. I look to see more amazing products coming out by Fenty Beauty.

I felt in 2017, we seen many extensions, longer hair styles. Even though that is still big, I think we will see the shorter styles coming back. I am loving the bob look and you can see that many celebrities are cutting their locks for a shorter do. Bobs have always been a popular cut, and I see many more people going for that look in 2018.

We all know that Kylie Jenner made her debut with her awesome makeup line, and the palettes are so popular these days, that almost every single beauty brand has come out with their own. Palettes are going to be the biggest beauty trend ever in 2018 . I see brands making them even more manageable, adding maybe a few lipstick tints to some, and we can’t disagree that they are more manageable to travel with?
Well those are my Four Beauty Trends that I think will make 2018 even better for us Beauty Lovers!


How to Give Yourself a Great Home Facial

Hi Ladies!
It’s always great to get into a spa to get your fabulous facial or any spa treatment for that matter, but if you are short on time, or need one ASAP, I have the perfect solution on giving yourself a great DIY facial. I know that part of being in a spa is the fact of the relaxation , and someone else supplying the treatment, but this will get done what you need in a short amount of time, and you will have glowing skin to bat.
1. Start giving yourself a great cleanse by using a good cleanser . Cleansers that have charcoal in them work best on my skin. They seem to get rid of debris very well.

2. After you have cleansed your skin real well, you want to start getting rid of old skin cells by exfoliating. This refurbishes your skin, and gets it glowing. You want to make sure that you don’t scrub too hard as it will cause redness and could start itching.

3.Once you have exfoliated really well, try to Facial steam your face. You could do this by placing your head over hot water, and covering your head with a towel to keep the steam in, or you could invest in a really good facial steamer. It’s all dependent on how much you want to spend. You want to steam you face for at least 5-10 minutes.

4. Once the steaming is done, then apply a really good mask to your face. You want to make sure you leave the mask on for as long as it says. The mask will give your skin the moisture that it needs, and the antioxidants.

5. Once you have applied the mask, make sure you rinse your face off really well, and apply a really good toner. The toner tightens the skin, and helps keep the products absorbed so they can work to their highest level. This is just a really great way to add in a weekly facial if you are short on time, or you want to save money for something else. Having great,healthy skin is the key to beautiful skin!pexels for facial