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Reflecting on 2017

Happy 2018 babes!
I can’t tell you how excited I am to start off my 2018 with good health, joy and gratitude. Yes! Gratitude is the ultimate gift. I’ve learned this year, that being grateful for your blessings is our ultimate gift. This year has been a whirlwind with my mother’s illness, and lots of unknowns, but ultimately things are looking up and she is doing great. We all have those moments when God pushes us a little to see what we can handle, but that’s life! I can’t explain how grateful I am to him everyday for my blessings. 2017 was great, other than some stresses concerning my mother, but 2018 is going to be amazing with her health. I can feel it. I’ve had so many amazing moments in 2017.My blog has grown so much I can’t believe it. I traveled to some amazing places and spent my 20th anniversary in the Beautiful Napa. I can’t get over how gorgeous that place is , and the wine… don’t get me started.. The wineries are utterly beautiful and putting it into words isn’t even possible. My daughter and son are both excelling in their prominent sports as well as other areas. I’ve realized this year how important being with family is . It helps you grow as a person in so many ways. My family is everything, and being with them is all that matters. I’m so beyond proud of them both and the people they are growing into. We all want to usually improve things every year, but I can honestly say that the only thing I want to change is my mom to be 100 percent healthy. I always do have goals that I have,and I am so excited to get this year going. My goals this year are :
– to eat completely vegan. I’ve done so much research and read on vegan diets that it has moved me. I’ve already started it and over it. I’ve even made me a cookbook for this year with all my favorite recipes! Yes, I don’t mess round.
– I’m going to get in the best shape of my life. I’ve drank a little bit more wine than usual this holiday , so my health is my number one priority. We aren’t doing anyone any good if our health isn’t good. I’m increasing my yoga practice and meditation. Meditation has changed my life. Do what makes you happy! There is no time for anything else!
-Im traveling more this year, as my kids schedules permit. There is nothing better than traveling .
– spending more time with my family. ONe thing I’ve realized this year is that life is way too short to spend with people that give you nothing in return. Spend it with people that give you good energy and are fun.
-Taking Time for myself to do the things that I love. Life is too short for anything else! Happy 2018 loves!

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