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Why I love Meal Prepping

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I wanted to share with you why I love Meal Prepping so much in my daily life. These days Life can be so chaotic. I don’t know about you, but it seems I have something going on almost every day. I find that when I’m busy, Meal Prepping can relieve so much time and stress finding something for lunches and dinners. we try to eat at home a lot. I find that not only is it healthier, but it’s such a great time for the family to share quality time together. We are all going separate directions much of the time, but the time we do have together, we value a lot. Meal Prepping in my mind is the key to sharing a quality meal together, and adding in nutritious food that the whole family can enjoy. Here are some great key ways of getting the most out of your planned meals.

I always plan my grocery list for the week every Sunday night. If I know I’m going to be busy, I try to do it sometime that weekend. It just takes time out of the day you go to the store to make your list the same day. The key word is PLAN. Go through the recipes that you plan on making for that week and write down all of the ingredients that you need to buy at the store. it saves energy too .Pexels for Meal prepping

I always try to ask the kids what they would like to eat for the week. Snacks, lunches , ect. I try to buy the things on their list, and I also let them pick a night of picking out dinner. This could be a pizza night, or Pasta night. I then slot out a day to plan that meal. The rest of the nights I usually make a really healthy dinner. You always want to incorporate your kid’s opinions on dinner, or have them pick out something to make.

I know many of you are saying Why? organic. It’s simply healthier. It lasts longer. There are no pesticides on the food. I know it can get expensive, but ultimately your feeding your family food of good value. When you buy your fruits and vegetables, make sure to get them home and wash everything really well. I usually soak my fruits for a while and give them a good rinse. If you can’t buy organic, try washing your fruits and vegetables as good as you can.

You want to store your food in containers that are safe and non toxic. Some Plastic containers can leach unsafe chemicals into your food, and where do those chemicals end up? Your body! We do not want that. BPA containers have shown to increase cancer, reproductive problems, Endocrine disruption and possible Attention span problems. There is nothing good that comes out of using those horrible containers. Try using Pyrex glass containers or the Glasslock Oven Safe Set. It will only help your health.

Meal Prepping can save you time and money. When Meal prepping you don’t tend to overbuy anything. You are only buying the foods you need to make your weekly meals. How many of you have went to the store and ended up buying things that you had already? I’m guilty too. Meal Prepping is a huge investment in your life.

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