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The Best Foods For Avoiding Breakouts

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Skin Breakouts are the worse. They can ruin a good night out, and the fact that you are probably using some sort of skin care makes you think that maybe its just not working for you. Skin Breakouts can happen any time and for a variety of reasons. It can happen at any age, and sometimes breakouts can be due to eating foods that you may be allergic to, or e even using skincare that has some ingredients that your skin isn’t to fond of. Skin breakouts can also be due to hormones and that time of the month.  I feel that what you put on the inside of your body also reflects on the outside. I see people who drink so much water and their skin glows. I’ve seen people that eat horrible, and their skin has flare-ups. It doesn’t hurt to add some amazing foods to your diet to help with those breakouts. Here are my top foods for helping with breakouts.

Salmon- Salmon is full of healthy fat, and omega 3’s. Its great for the skin, and studies show that healthy fats are good at helping give skin that glow. 

Pumpkin- Did you know that pumpkin has amazing qualities for the skin? That is why we see so many pumpkin face masks, and pumpkin eye masks. They literally give skin so many vitamins. 

Blueberries- Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants and are perfect for working from the inside. They are packed with Vitamin C, and helps with collagen production.

Guava and papaya- These exotic fruits are loaded with Vitamin C. Vitamin C is crucial for fighting and combating breakouts. The more you have, the better it becomes. 

Do not worry about breakouts. You are probably experiencing the occasional breakout. If so, try adding more of these foods into your diet. If not, and its reoccurring, I would check in with a dermatologist to determine if maybe you have allergies. 

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