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Yoga for the Spirit

I’ve always loved Yoga, but I never realized what it could do for you on a spiritual basis. Yes, you here things and read stories on these people who claim that Yoga changed their lives, but until you actually practice it everyday, and realize the basis behind it, it becomes a entirely new workout. I tried my first Yoga class years ago, and I would go here and there , but until about a year ago, I started going at least three times a week. I started reading on the fundamentals and how it really works your body, mind and spirit. The more I read, I started becoming obsessed with the practice. Every time I traveled, I would find a yoga class or take my mat and do my yoga on my balcony or in my room. Here I am a year later, and it has truly changed my life. I can’t get enough of the way it makes me feel. I incorporate a class at least three times a week, and the other days ( which I try to work ), I find my mat, and get to work. The spiritual side of yoga is a whole other story. The calmness that it brings in your life is unreal. I feel my focus is better on my day to day tasks, and I find that I have truly slowed down my living. I embrace the small things, and find more time saying No to the things that really don’t matter to me. I am spending more time with my family because that is what truly matters the most. I have found that my sleeping is more solid . I truly feel blessed on how yoga has changed my life. I find that reflection everyday is what ground me and truly makes me appreciate how blessed I really am. I’m more in tune with my health. I feel like my mat is my best friend. Yoga

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