The Best Luxury Valentines Gifts For Her

February is almost here, and that means Valentines Day is just around the corner. It seems for some that this Holiday is just as important as any other holiday. I have listed some of my Favorites that I think would be perfect for any girl. I picked these because they are some of my favorite items, and they truly are special just like any girl out there. A great idea also is making your special girl or friend up a gift basket and adding in one of these amazing gifts along with some of her favorite candy or pajamas, or even a nice bottle of wine.

Burberry Scarf
Voluspa Candle
Uncommon james necklace .
Jo Malone Perfume

These are some of my favorite Luxury Gifts For Valentines Day. There is another Blog Post coming with Price Friendly Gifts that Won’t Break the Bank.


The Best Cannibus Facial Oil Around

Cannibus ( Hemp Seed) has found a way to make the news almost daily. It is known that many people are trying to push for legalization of this popular plant for many reasons from relieving anxiety to helping with pain management through hard core cancer treatments. Medical use isn’t the only thing that is making this plant popular. Now days you can find Hemp Oil in just about everything, including the Popular CBD Oil. One particular use for this plant that is becoming increasingly popular is in the Beauty World. I am absolutely loving the amazing Cannibus Facial Oil by Herbivore. I have never used an oil that gave my skin such an amazing glow. I’ve been using it for about two weeks now, and cant believe the difference in my skin. I love using natural products, and I’m a big fan of facial oils, but honestly I’ve never used one this good before. The Smell is to die for. Herbivore is known for their cruelty free products that are Natural and Vegan. I was blown away when I seen the results of their amazing Cannibus Facial Oil called Emerald. The oil not only has Hemp oil but also is made with the Ashwagandha Turmeric Root. I’m sure some of you know how amazing that is. This has been used in Naturopathic Healing arts and helps the skin cope with a lot of environmental stress. It also is made with Squalane , Meadowfoam Seed oil, and Borage Seed Oil. The oils are all hydrating to the skin. I live in the Midwest where it is very cold and dry out right now, and this oil has given me moisture back into my skin. I use 4-8 drops morning and night to clean my skin. I can’t rave enough about this amazing oil. The price point is great too for the amount you get at only $48. If you are looking for a great oil, Check out Emerald By Herbivor


Plant Based Avocado Wrap

This month for me has been amazing with trying out the whole Plant based diet. I am loving it, and I am here to share with you one of my favorite recipes. I don’t know if you are a wrap lover like me, but some of those wraps can get really fattening. They seem like they are healthy, but believe me when I say they are not. I’ve looked up the nutrition facts on some of them and I’m blown away at the calorie intake. Wow! I now make my own healthy meals at home with organic, fresh ingredients and they taste better than what you get out. Here is one of my all time favorites.

The Best Plant based wrap ever !


. 1 Organic avocado

. 1 organic chick pea wrap or vegetarian wrap ( depending on what you like)

. 1 small organic tomato ( diced )

. 1/2 cup organic black beans


-Lay out the wrap. I like to put mine in a skillet before hand and get both sides of mine brown and crisp. Slice the avocado and scoop out the inside. When its scooped out, slice and set . Dice up your tomato. You can add a bit of pepper to your tomato to give it a twist. Once you have that done, spread your avocado on the wrap. Spread black beans out and top with tomato After you get it done, sprinkle pepper and red cracked pepper on top. ENJOY!



What morning isn’t perfect without the perfect coffee drink to start your morning? The morning is my favorite part of the day because it’s coffee time. There is something really intimate about sitting down with your cup of coffee and taking a few minutes of solitude to think about what your day is going to consist of. Needless to say, I absolutely love coffee and everything that goes along with it. I use to go through Starbucks every morning, until I realized that I can make my favorite drink right at home and a lot healthier. My sweet almond milk latte is the best little drink to get my day started.

Almond Milk Latte with a Splash of Maple Syrup
The Best Almond Latte around


  • Espresso: I use a Nespresso machine with the pods that fit into it. I’m not saying you have to run out and buy one. You can use your very own coffee maker you have. You just need to make sure that your coffee is a lot stronger than normal and you can use 1/4 cup of your favorite. I’ve used my own coffee maker before I actually bought a Nespresso machine.
  • Organic Almond milk
  • Organic Maple Syrup: I use this to give my latte a little sweetness.


. Get a glass and start filling it with some ice cubes. You want to brew the coffee over the ice.

. Pour the Almond Milk into a blender and make sure that it completely blended. Add in a bit of the Maple Syrup if you want that.

.Pour the Almond Milk over your Espresso. Stir and Enjoy your amazing Almond Milk Latte.



Hey Everyone!

My Jord watch is amazing and so versatile.

Accessories are the Best addition to any outfit. I recently collaborated with JORD watches on reviewing their beautiful Frankie series watch. The watch is my favorite accessory. There is something so intimate about a watch. I am a huge watch person and I feel like something is truly missing when I don’t have one on. I have been wearing my gorgeous Jord watch and I absolutely love it. This amazing wood watch is to die for. I have had so many compliments on this watch that it’s crazy. I’ve had a few other wood watches in the past, but nothing like my gorgeous Jord watch. It stands out with amazing quality. The craftsmanship and style is amazing. I can style it in so many ways. I wear it to yoga, style it up with a great outfit for my night out, and even wear it everyday with a great cardigan and jeans. The watches are a sophisticated mix of natural and largely reclaimed materials, combined with quality movements and componets. Most of the watches have additional options for customization with mixing and matching faces and woods. The beautiful Jord watches (pronounced Yode) may be sized for the recipient. Most of the watch plates can be engraved, and all cedar humidor presentation boxes are engravable as well. These watches would the perfect gift for any birthday or anniversary. They offer Free Worldwide standard shipping. If you are looking for the perfect watch, look no further than with Jord watches. JORD watches is giving away $100 toward any watch in their giveaway. Once the campaign is complete, they will randomly select a winner and email them immediately with their winning code. All other entrants will receive a 10 % off code as well. It’s time to jump on board to this amazing giveaway. Make sure to check out these amazing watches at The contest link is: