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Health Tips for a New You!

Happy Sunday ladies!

The time has come where all the health resolutions come into place. The time where we get into the gym more, eat healthier options, and go grab a smoothie instead of a fat filled coffee drink from Starbucks. If you need some assistance in any way, I have some great tips on how to motivate yourself to lose those last pesky pounds. We all know that muscle weighs more than fat. If you are working out regularly and lifting weights, then the scale is automatically going to be higher. You don’t look at the scale ever. You go by the way your clothes fit on you. If you feel your jeans are a bit bigger, then your probably losing inches in that area or tightening and firming. These health tips will surely move you in the right directions.

  • Lose the bad carbs..when I say bad carbs I mean anything heavy and white. Potatoes, pasta, bread, and sweets. That all has hidden sugars which in turn doesn’t help with your weight loss. Stick to healthy carbs.. quinoa, brown rice only in small quantities.
  • Ingest the H20 like nothing else. Anything liquid to drink besides tea and water. Water is essential for weight loss. It flushed toxins and cleans the inside. It prevents dehydration and keeps our energy levels up. Make sure you are constantly drinking water.
  • Eat more leafy greens and vegetables. These foods are essential for your well being and energy levels and are loaded with antioxidants. Eating raw , clean healthy foods will help you on your way to weight loss. Pick light salads over heavy dressing salads. Don’t load your salad up with a ton of toppings. Instead load them up with colorful vegetables. It truly makes a difference.
  • Move more! Make a pact with yourself everyday that you are going to move! Exercise is the key to feeling good and having energy. Why not kill some calories while doing it. Walk daily, go to yoga, bike ride. Whatever it is, you will be better off after than you were before.

This is always a good time for a fresh start. Starting an exercise routine is always good for starting your health journey. Know that it does take time. Setting goals is always a good daily thing to adopt too. It really keeps you accountable for your health.


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