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Plant Based Avocado Wrap

This month for me has been amazing with trying out the whole Plant based diet. I am loving it, and I am here to share with you one of my favorite recipes. I don’t know if you are a wrap lover like me, but some of those wraps can get really fattening. They seem like they are healthy, but believe me when I say they are not. I’ve looked up the nutrition facts on some of them and I’m blown away at the calorie intake. Wow! I now make my own healthy meals at home with organic, fresh ingredients and they taste better than what you get out. Here is one of my all time favorites.

The Best Plant based wrap ever !


. 1 Organic avocado

. 1 organic chick pea wrap or vegetarian wrap ( depending on what you like)

. 1 small organic tomato ( diced )

. 1/2 cup organic black beans


-Lay out the wrap. I like to put mine in a skillet before hand and get both sides of mine brown and crisp. Slice the avocado and scoop out the inside. When its scooped out, slice and set . Dice up your tomato. You can add a bit of pepper to your tomato to give it a twist. Once you have that done, spread your avocado on the wrap. Spread black beans out and top with tomato After you get it done, sprinkle pepper and red cracked pepper on top. ENJOY!

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