My Top Three Tips To Keep Your Skin Hydrated in the Cold Months

It’s not hard for your Skin to feel a bit dry and rough in the cold , winter months. It can feel sometimes like your skin is as rough as sandpaper. You can get out of the shower and it may feel like you can itch your skin to death. I know I don’t like that feeling, and I’m sure you don’t either. Everyone wants to have hydrated skin this time of year, and with some healthy protocol, it is achievable. These are my top three ways I keep my skin feeling soft and supple in the winter months, and keep my skin hydrated.

Always Use a Good Moisturizer
  • Always Add a Good Oil To Your Bath – The last thing you want is to be sitting in a hot bath when its this dry out without any oil added. The dryness will pull the moisture right out of your skin. If you are bathing, add a few drops of herbal oil or lavender oil to your bath. If you are showering, try to apply some oil to your skin before getting out. This will leave your skin soft and supple. Try the amazing

. Try adding some Coconut Oil to your face and body at night before and then let it moisturize all night . Coconut Oil has so many amazing health benefits but is also great on the skin. I use it all year round and I can see a huge difference in my skin. I have better hydrated skin and softer skin.

. Drink Lots of Water. It is so important to stay super hydrated in the Winter Months. You may not think so, but sometimes we go without water too long without even knowing it. it is estimated that more than 50 percent of people do not get their daily water intake. Drink up people. It keeps our skin more supple in those dry months and helps with hydration.


Valentine Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Hey! It’s almost Valentines Day, and I know many of you are wondering what you can do with your loved one that will be fun but won’t break your bank account. Valentines Day is about spending quality time with your significant other and doesn’t have to be luxurious or lavish. I’m not saying that some of you haven’t bought your loved one something super nice or expensive. If you did, Great! Everyone deserves something nice every now and then. If you are looking to do something romantic or fun, then I have some great ideas for you that aren’t going to cost you a fortune.

Valentines Day is what you make of it.

If your significant other is more of a simple person, a great night in with a great Netflix movie and a good bottle of wine would be divine to anyone of that nature. Everyone loves a chill night. Am I right? It’s really easy to grab a good bottle of his or her favorite wine and rent a movie of their liking. I promise it will be so much fun. Try Chloe wine at

One thing that my husband and I Love to do is get Couples Massages. You can find so many great places to offer discounts during the Valentines month. There are many that offer two for one. It is a great way to have some relaxation time if you and your love have been really busy lately. This is the perfect date in my eyes.

Are you a busy mom or dad and feel like you never have any time away with your love? Try to plan in advance and get a sitter for the night. Log on and find some great hotels in your area that are offering a discount for Valentines day. I see these all the time. It would give you two love birds some good quality time to yourselves. Having some relaxation time for the night is perfect for Valentines Day.

Are you both Yoga crazy or your significant other loves it? Try to find a great Yoga class to do together. This is a great way to connect into doing something together and is healthy. If you are one that doesn’t love Yoga , but your love does, You can sacrifice an hour right? You may just find out how much you love something .

Do you Love to Laugh? Find a Great Comedy Show playing and take your Valentine. Comedy shows are great to watch and honestly they are uplifting. I find that having a good, hard laugh every now and then never hurts.

Valentines day is what you make of it. You may be on that doesn’t take it too serious, or really doesn’t consider it to be a holiday. Whatever you choose, there are many ideas out there that doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg, and you will truly have so much fun. It’s all about spending time with your Love.