Super Charge Your Fruit and Vegetable Intake

When it comes to fruit and vegetables most of us simply aren’t getting enough. It is all too easy to cook a burger or order some southern fried chicken. And, even easier to not think about it.

But we should be making an effort to improve how we eat. Not only to ensure our bodies have everything they need in terms of nutrients but because it’s better for us mentally and physically too.

So if you need to see a marked improvement in your energy, your mental health, and even the bags under your eyes here are some tweaks, you can make to pack more of the good stuff in.

Photo by Mariana Montes de Oca on Unsplash

Suck It Up

There is no easy way to say this, but unless you start changing your prepping, you’re going to struggle. This is where you have a word with yourself in the mirror and become dedicated to yourself.

Stop making excuses like you don’t have time, or you don’t like apples. Everyone has the same amount of time, it’s what you do with it that counts and apples aren’t the only fruit you can choose from.

Suck It Up… For Real.

Making smoothies is a super quick way to get a bunch of fruits and vegetables on the double. You can make them tropical and packed with pineapples, mangoes, and oranges. Or, you can have fresh tasting green ones. With a mix of kiwi, apples, spinach, and cucumbers. They are a great way to boost your intake without too much stress.


If you pile your plate with veggies, the chances are you’re just not going to eat them all. If you have small bowls all over the table, you’re going to pick at them and munch a little bit more without noticing. Cucumbers, gherkins, sliced tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, olives, and stuffed peppers are all great snacks to have on the table.

Prep It Well

When it comes to prepping your veggies, and cooking them off, cook more than you need. That way you can have at least a day or more vegetables at the ready. You can follow Sunday food preparation guides that you can find online, to help you get the hang of this. It again comes down to making the most of your time.

Meal Plan

Try to plan your meals to include at least three different fruits or vegetables. If you struggle with meal planning, then you might want to look into meal delivery boxes. Check out this hello fresh review to get an idea of the type of meal options that are available.

If you do decide to plan meals, try and incorporate at least two meat-free days. This way you will have to replace your regular meat products with a substantial amount of veggies.


Try and have a bowl of fruit for breakfast at least once a week. Saturday tends to be the best day for this, and you might be surprised about just how much energy you have. Buddha bowls have been a significant trend in the last few years. They are heaving with fresh ingredients and are designed to have a balanced meal in them.

You make the base of the bowl up with you green leaves, layer them up and get ready to add the next bit. Grains and plenty of them. Lentils are great too. Tofu, eggs or chicken make up the rest of these big bowls of goodness. Avocado is a great topping, or you can go for some olives, chilies or feta. It’s up to you.

Time Matters

When it comes to which fruits and vegetables work best and when then here is a useful guide to packing more in:

  • Breakfast – Sliced banana on toast or on porridge, glass a pure fruit juice, berries, and yogurt, grapefruit
  • Lunch – buddha bowl, soups, extra cucumbers and tomatoes in your sandwiches, bag of veggies sticks and hummus dip
  • Dinner – microwave bags of veggies, if you’re cooking rice throw peas or broccoli in for the last few minutes of cooking, put extra veggies in every pasta sauce


Each range of fruits and vegetables comes in different colors. The colors all relate to different nutrients that are beneficial to our bodies. Here is a rough rainbow for you:

  • Red – raspberries, strawberries, watermelon
  • Yellow – Mangos, lemons, banana
  • Orange – oranges, sweet potatoes, carrots
  • Green – kiwi, spinach, broccoli, leafy greens
  • Blue – blueberries, blackberries
  • Purple – eggplant, plums and purple cabbage
  • White – cauliflower, garlic, potatoes

Pick one from each of those colors off every day and bonus for extras!


My Experience With Sakara 10 Day Reset

Happy Wednesday !

I recently 10 days ago set off on a health and detox adventure with a Sakara Life. The detox consisted of a 10 day devotion to living clean and plant based, discontinuing alcohol and coffee and other preservative filled foods , such as anything fried or foods full of bad fats. The thought of letting go of my weekly wine was a big scare to me. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t know if I could do it.

The Sakara 10 Day Reset


The detox started on a Monday for me. I felt this was a great day to start because it was the start of the week. There is no better day to start something like this than a Monday. We’ve all been there with diets. I started my morning off with a meditation . The meditation was more of an affirmation telling myself, “YES! I can go without coffee today. You have to understand, I LOVE my coffee. I started my morning coffee replacement with a nice glass of the Sakara Life detox tea. It honestly was delicious. It’s loaded up with many cleansing herbs. I honestly felt like, What Coffee? after drinking it.

Probiotic Blend

I then poured me a small glass of filtered water and mixed the Beauty Water Tonic in with my water. It’s filled with Rose and I honestly couldn’t stop smelling it. The aroma was amazing. The Rose water is suppose to help with giving your skin a glow. I then made me my morning Green Smoothie with the Sakara’s Life Source Packet. I also added in my morning probiotic. This honestly was a delicious smoothie. I actually looked forward to it most mornings. Through out my week, I would change it up a bit, and add in a nice Sakara recipe for my breakfast. The recipe’s they include are delicious.


The Mid Morning would come, and I would add in another Detox Tea. I , at this point, started becoming obsessed with the Detox Tea. My coffee never entered my mind. I did my morning workout. This consisted of either hot yoga, vinyasa yoga or HIIT. I changed it up through out my 10 day. The lunches consisted of one of the many delicious recipes included in the Sakara booklet. Daphne OZ includes some of her recipes in it, and I can’t explain the taste. They are all plant based.

Sakara 10 Day Reset
Detox Tea

My evening meal would include another delicious recipe . One of my favorites was the Green Veggie Stir Fry. Oh wow, was that good. Before Bed each night, I would make me a cold glass of water and add in the charcoal tonic. I drank this with my evening probiotic. This honestly wasn’t bad to drink either. This structure and schedule became second nature to me. I honestly didn’t miss my wine, and I LOVED this way of living.

This is the end of my Sakara 10 Day Reset. I have to say I’m obsessed. The differences I seen was my ability to not NEED wine or coffee. My moods were amazing. I became more focused and motivated with my blog. My skin looked awesome. Most days I didn’t even have foundation or concealer on. My water intake really increased, and I definitely had more energy. I am going to live this way everyday. I am going to focus on ME everyday . My diet consist only of plant based foods, and I will continue to eat plant based everyday. The way it makes my body feel, and they way it feeds it, is so unexplainable. I have improved my fitness on a daily schedule now. I don’t miss! I also lost 6 lbs on this detox. My body changed.

If you ever want to really change your life, you need to turn to Sakara Life. I can’t believe the amazing Reset they have developed to really change your health, in MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT. It’s a game changer people.


The Ultimate Guide To Developing Your Email Marketing Plan

Email Marketing is huge today. If you have a business or a successful blog, Email Marketing is essential to keeping that business and blog alive. Email Marketing gives immense opportunities for your business to grow and venture. It’s not only a way to keep you your business in tact with the customers or followers, but it helps the business to venture in to new areas and grow in ways that is sustainable for campaigns. Email Marketing is known as one of the top three ways that keep businesses thriving. It is a proven way to keep customers or followers in the loop about what is happening in your world of business. It is a particularly great way to get people interested in what your business or blog has to offer.

The most notorious reasons for the importance of email marketing is saving money. It’s an easy way to connect with people without all the printing services, paper and ink cost. Email marketing will help your business or blog with brand recognition. There are millions of businesses and blogs today competing for the same market. Email marketing will help make your particular business stand out with the right kind of tools and plan that you decide is right for your business.

Creating an email marketing plan is one of the best and most effective to increase awareness of your products or services. With active email accounts nearing the$5.6 billion mark by 2019, email is an excellent way to deliver your message to customers and potential buyers.

Plus, email marketing beats social media marketing by a landslide for gaining new customers. And if you couple that fact with email’s outstanding ROI, email marketing is a winning solution for digital marketers.

We’ve put together a guide that will take you through the basics of an email marketing plan, so you can easily get your next campaign started.

Get results with our simple email marketing plan

Since there are multiple ways to build an email marketing plan, we’re going to break this tutorial into a few simple tasks.

Step 1: Getting personal

Today’s consumers want relevant, on-target content, and they want (and expect) that content to be personalized to their interests.

Personalization is powerful. Over 40% of customers claim to have cut ties with a company due to lack of personalization. In other words, customers don’t trust brands that don’t know them.

Customers want to feel like people, not just sales prospects.

An email marketing plan is perfect for designing warm, personalized campaigns that drive engagement, loyalty, trust, and finally, revenue. To personalize your campaign, you’ll need to learn about your customers. And to do that, you should implement segmentation.

The importance of segmentation

Like personalization, segmentation is incredibly valuable. Email marketing provides a healthy ROI, and 77% of that ROI comes from segmented, targeted, and triggered campaigns.

Segmentation is simply grouping your target audience into sub-niches based on demographics, behaviors, or other criteria. Examples of ways to segment include, but are not limited to:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Persona
  • Industry
  • Hobbies
  • Geographical location
  • Education level
  • Past purchases
  • Purchasing behavior (heavy vs. light purchasers)
  • Interests
  • Content topic
  • Interest level
  • Change in purchasing behavior
  • Stage in the sales funnel

Learn more about increasing engagement with list segmentation.

Simply choose the segmentation type that makes sense for your data and marketing goals, then, start sorting.

Once you’re ready to send those targeted, segmented emails, don’t forget to apply personalization. This can be as simple as personalizing an email with your customer’s name, or the personalization can go even more in-depth. For instance, campaigns often provide suggestions for future purchases, customer location, and more

Let’s look at examples of each. Here’s a simple, personalized email found on ReallyGoodEmails. Notice the combination of helpful information and personalization.

how to make an email marketing plan

The email below uses personalization and segmentation to address the weather in this target customer’s location.

Once again, personalization and segmentation illustrate how successful they can be when applied to email marketing.

how to make an email marketing plan from scratch


Whatever your preferred method, applying personalization and segmentation will boost both click-through and open rates. Additionally, this extra step will make your customers feel like people rather than prospects.

Step 2: Scale your efforts with automated emails

Automating your email marketing plan is another way to show personalizationwith your customer, further establishing trust and engagement.

Setting up automated emails triggered by your customer’s (segmented) behavior allows you to craft a personal experience. This experience provides your audience with the right message at the right time.

Ways you can automate

To be as effective as possible, you’ll need to integrate your website with your ESP.

Welcome emails

We recommend starting with series of welcome emails to engage and onboard new subscribers or customers.

Here’s a great example of a welcome email that expresses gratitude for a customer’s opt-in—and this email includes a valuable discount, too. By including a valuable offer in the first email, you can build excitement and encourage customers to continue checking their inboxes.

email marketing plan of action


Not only is Kate Spade’s welcome email delivering value, but it’s also simple, striking, and to the point. Notice the easy-to-see call-to-action that makes reconnecting easy.

Behavior-based automation

After you’ve welcomed your customer to the fold, create a series triggered by behaviors, such as purchases, birthdays, or even customer contact anniversaries to heighten contact and keep engagement fresh.

Here’s a perfect example of an email that celebrates one year of doing business with a customer:

email marketing strategy examples

Really Good Emails

Emails like these honor your relationship and let customers know you’re paying attention.

Nurture and re-engage

Finally, complete your plan using some ongoing emails that will nurture existing customers and re-engage those who’ve drifted. Here are some examples of re-engagement emails that work.

email marketing business plan


Lowe’s is pushing re-engagement by focusing on improvements that will make shopping easier.

And Urban Outfitters, below, has an on-brand, trendy way of re-engaging subscribers:

email marketing plan examples


This email is funny, to the point, and, above all, effective.

Step 3: Growing your email list organically

You want strong, organic growth when it comes to your email list. To encourage this type of growth, you can leverage your website for organic impact.

How to build your list

One of the best ways to jump-start list-building is through high-quality, relevant content specific to your audience—and you want to provide it often.

You can do this on your website and follow up with emails that let customers know how to engage and receive these goodies. The examples below illustrate this concept:

email marketing strategy

Search Engine Journal

email marketing plan how-to

Search Engine Journal

Additionally, here a few other creative ways to start growing your list:

  • Providing links to social media and incentives to share
  • Using high-value offers like ebooks and webinars for opt-in enticements on your site
  • Using subscriber-only discounts and allow an opt-in to subscribe
  • Running contests and competitions
  • Offering hot content via a newsletter that must be opted-into

You can also offer white papers, run quizzes, or employ any number of ways to capture customer attention and subscriptions.

Step 4: Focus on life-time value

Email list growth is essential, but retention is just as valuable. This is particularly true since every customer has a lifetime revenue value when subscribing to your brand.

Customer lifetime value (CLV) is the term used to define that value of your future relationship with your prospects.

How to calculate life-time value

CLV is calculated by multiplying purchase frequency by the value of the average order. So, if a customer’s average order is $50 and he buys from you three times per year, then his value per year is $150.

That can add up to a lot of revenue over several years, and all you have to do is keep that customer engaged and happy.

Retaining customers

Retaining customers is also more cost-effective than attracting new ones. In fact, 80% of future revenue will come from 20% of your existing customers. So, keeping those customers is vital.

Adding triggered email automation to your email marketing plan is a great way to nurture those assets. And increasing retention rates will improve your profitsby anywhere from 25% to 95%.

Here are some great examples of automated emails. You can incorporate these email marketing strategies when retaining and nurturing customers.

email marketing planning

Success Agency

email marketing for dummies

Really Good Emails

email marketing plans for beginners

Really Good Emails

Whether you’re re-connecting, enticing, or letting your customers know some good news about your brand, staying in touch is critical for customer retention.

Wrap up

If you’re offering—or planning to offer—a product or service online, email marketing should be part of your digital marketing strategy.

You now know how to take a fledgling plan and turn it into a robust strategy. Through personalization, segmentation, automation, and retention, you will maximize results—and profits.

By following the above steps, you can ensure your email marketing plan meets three intrinsic goals: connection, engagement, and nurturing customers. This will build loyalty, trust, and revenue into the future.


When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going With These Emergency Measures

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Keeping up a regular exercise routine isn’t easy. You’ll need to fight every step of the way to keep yourself motivated and work towards your end goal. In many ways, though, your efforts here can feel  a lot like running on the treadmill. You’re working as hard as you can, but you aren’t getting anywhere.

Nothing’s more disheartening than not seeing results from the work you put in. When that feeling sets in, it’s all too easy to give up altogether. The trouble is that, when you give up, you remove any chance you did have of reaching those goals. Besides, people who do give up are usually closer to those achievements than they realize. Yet, even after a few days of skipping their routines, they put themselves back at square one.

If you’re struggling to push through right now, you might want to think twice before chucking in that sweaty towel. Instead, turn to these emergency measures which should see you through.

Get to the bottom of the problem

Image Source

If exercise isn’t working for you, there’s probably a reason. By diagnosing the problem, you could adjust your methods to see results sooner. That, in turn, should ensure you don’t feel the need to give up again. The problems underneath are sure to vary from person to person. Ask yourself key questions, like whether you’re pushing your boundaries or growing your practice. Consider, too, the kinds of exercise you’re choosing, and whether they’re the best way towards your goal. At some stage, you’re sure to realize what’s holding you back. Once you know that, there’s no excuse not to try again.

Remember that you aren’t the only one struggling

The world of exercise can be strangely competitive. If you head to the gym and end up exhausted, it’s easy to feel inferior to all those who aren’t even breaking a sweat. Even among your friends, you may feel like you’re the only one having a hard time. But, there’s every chance that this isn’t the case. Most people on a get-fit journey have wobbles like this. The best way to make yourself feel less alone in this is to follow along with other people’s efforts on blogs like Challenge SEP. A few weeks into reading, you’ll see that everyone faces setbacks sometimes. If that doesn’t quite satisfy your feeling of failure, talk to friends. The chances are that they have as hard a time as you do. And, once you open that dialogue, you may find that things like group exercise could help you all to help each other.

Image Source

Keep pushing

If neither of the above work, then we’re afraid that you’ll just need to keep pushing. Remember that most people who give up are closer to their goals than they know. Set yourself to keep going for two weeks or a month. Within that time, keep pushing yourself as much as you’re able. By the end of it, we’re willing to bet that you’ll start to see some results.


Worried About Hitting The Gym? Don’t Be! It’s Easy!

We’ve all been there. The stage where you want to sign up to an actual gym but haven’t quite the guts to get going yet due to a multitude of reasons. Perhaps you’re worried about training in public and that you’ll be laughed at, or that you feel you won’t see much progress and it will be a waste of money. Everyone has thought like that at one time or another. Pretty much everyone who has decided to get in shape has obtained stuff from an online fitness equipment store and tried getting it done from home, but it never fully scratches the itch like a dedicated gym. If you’re reading this and you feel similarly, then you’re in luck! Hitting a gym isn’t as tough as you think. Let’s run through a few things you can do to get you up and running.   

Look Into It

The first thing you’ll want to do is, like with most things, a little research into the world you’ll be delving into. Have a look at videos of people similar to you, read some articles and try to find some workouts that suit you. It’s better to be prepared.

Make A Plan

You might feel comfortable just turning up and doing things a little willy-nilly. But it’s best to plan out when you’ll go and what you’ll train. You’ll be able to get yourself mentally prepared as well as keep yourself organised around other aspects of your life.  

Never Expect Instant Results

One of the worst things you can do when getting yourself fitter or stronger is to look at yourself after a few weeks and worry that things aren’t changing. It can make you feel like it’s pointless and can take away your motivation. Don’t panic. It takes a lot of time. It’s a cliché, but it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. If you’re patient and you keep it up for a long time, you’ll see results.

Focus On Form

The best thing to do during a workout is to keep the correct form through the entire session. It doesn’t matter if you feel you can lift more weight, if you’re doing it wrong then you’re not going to see anywhere near as much progress.

Don’t Worry About Others

One of the biggest fears people have when thinking about a gym environment is the thought of doing something silly, or looking out of place and being judged. It’s not the case at all. Sure, there may be a kid in there who acts childish, but he or she is in the wrong here. You’re all in there to reach the same kind of goal, and people around you will be friendly and helpful – just as you’ll be once you’re experienced and a newbie needs help!

Rest Well

Once the workout is done and you’re home, you’ll want to feed yourself after a good session and all of that worrying that amounted to nothing! There are a bunch of websites, articles and videos around that can tell you all about the right foods and drinks to aid your recovery. As you’ve realised it’s not much to stress over, you’ll want to go more! But careful, when your body is sore, you have to take a break from it. The body needs that time to repair and grow.