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Why Looking For Your One True Diet Is Sure To Leave You Heartbroken

We spend an astounding amount of time looking for our one true love. Blame Disney or the media, but we’re hard-wired to search for that ‘special someone’. And,most of us get through a fair few men before we realize that there’s no such thing. Prince Charming is a construct. In the end, then, most of us settle for an imperfect guy who seems perfect to us. Isn’t that romantic?

Sadly, the lesson about that ‘one true love’ doesn’t carry to other areas of life. We may accept that there’s no Prince Charming, but we still convince ourselves there’s one right diet for us. We buy the books and go all out with the latest trends. And, we feel the sting when we realize that this one isn’t working either.

But, we’re here with a crazy suggestion. We think it’s possible that you’re making the same mistakes on your diet quest as you did for your true love. Keep reading, then, to find out why that one true diet is also a construct you could do with breaking away from.

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There’s no such thing as a perfect diet

You once had to realise that there’s no such thing as a perfect man. Well, guess what? There’s no perfect diets, either. When it comes to it, every diet going has its benefits and downsides, as you can see when you consider paleo vs. whole30, or vegan vs. Atkins. Instead of looking for an ideal fit, you may find that the best diet is a Frankenstein’s monster. Simply try the best of each diet. You could soon start to see the results you’ve been missing until now.

You’ll never be happy with someone else’s idea of ideal

It’s also worth bearing in mind that somebody else creates the basis for any diet on the market. They may release the diet plan which unlocked the secret for them. But, that’s not saying it’ll do the same for you. Our bodies are all different, and how you diet could be very different from how anyone else does. It’s no wonder, then, that eating plans written with someone else in mind fail to suit. Tackle the by focusing on what works for your body, not anyone else’s.

The right diet, wrong time

Sometimes, we meet a man who seems perfect but struggle to fit him into our lives. It’s the old right man wrong time theory, and it applies to diets too. You could find the best diet going. It could be tailor made for your needs, and produce real results. But, at a particular time of month or year, it just doesn’t suit anymore. That’s because our body’s needs change throughout these cycles. There’s more than just comfort behind our desire to eat hearty meals during winter, for instance. Even if you think you’ve found the right diet, then, never be afraid to admit when it stops working. If it’s the right one, rest easy that you’ll find your way back to each other later.


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