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Is Eating Less Really The Worst Thing You Can Do When You Start Working Out?

When we dedicate ourselves to getting fit, most of us go all out. We could be living the most unhealthy life, but when we decide to change, we embark on both exercise and healthy eating. Isn’t giving this your all your best chance at success?

Sadly, the answer to that is both yes and no. While it makes sense you’d rather go hard with this, doing so isn’t always the best option. In fact, eating less when you’re starting to work out is the worst thing you can do. While you might see fast results, you’ll be doing a whole load of damage too. In extreme cases, going two in one like this could see your efforts going to waste altogether. Keep reading, then, to find out why embarking on a diet and exercise at the same time is never a good idea.

You won’t have the stamina you need

At the very least, eating less when you need more energy than ever is sure to make it tough to keep yourself motivated. That’s because you’ll feel exhausted much sooner than you would otherwise. Is that such a surprise if you’re surviving off salad and a handful of nuts? In this state, even ten minutes of intense exercise is sure to finish you off. That’s no way to build a decent practice. By comparison, eating a healthy but hearty meal a few hours before could give you the strength to keep pushing for hours. And, that’s sure to prove far better for your body.

Your body won’t be able to build muscle

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Perhaps more worrying is the fact that, without the right food, your body will be unable to turn your efforts into muscle. As can be seen from the articles on sites like healthandfitnessvitality.com, the right foods and protein are essential. Unsurprisingly, most of the foods which offer these benefits aren’t included in strict diet plans. If you keep on lifting weights while not getting the nutrients you need, then, you aren’t going to see results. Even worse, you could do damage in the long run because you aren’t allowing your body to heal.

You’ll burn more calories than you consume

You might have looked at this subheading and considered it a good thing. Somehow, this idea of a calorie deficit has become a desirable goal in modern culture. But, the word deficit should tell you that this isn’t a good thing for your body. You should never aim to burn more calories than you consume. Going back to the first point, this can leave you exhausted and unable to exercise. As can be seen from posts like this one on www.precisionnutrition.com, this isn’t even a cut and dry issue. Your body needs calories to metabolize your food, after all. As such, leaving yourself with no energy stores can slow your metabolism and actually lead to weight gain. That’s not what you want, and it’s just another reason why crash diets and exercise should never go hand in hand.


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