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Worried About Hitting The Gym? Don’t Be! It’s Easy!


We’ve all been there. The stage where you want to sign up to an actual gym but haven’t quite the guts to get going yet due to a multitude of reasons. Perhaps you’re worried about training in public and that you’ll be laughed at, or that you feel you won’t see much progress and it will be a waste of money. Everyone has thought like that at one time or another. Pretty much everyone who has decided to get in shape has obtained stuff from an online fitness equipment store and tried getting it done from home, but it never fully scratches the itch like a dedicated gym. If you’re reading this and you feel similarly, then you’re in luck! Hitting a gym isn’t as tough as you think. Let’s run through a few things you can do to get you up and running.   

Look Into It

The first thing you’ll want to do is, like with most things, a little research into the world you’ll be delving into. Have a look at videos of people similar to you, read some articles and try to find some workouts that suit you. It’s better to be prepared.

Make A Plan

You might feel comfortable just turning up and doing things a little willy-nilly. But it’s best to plan out when you’ll go and what you’ll train. You’ll be able to get yourself mentally prepared as well as keep yourself organised around other aspects of your life.  

Never Expect Instant Results

One of the worst things you can do when getting yourself fitter or stronger is to look at yourself after a few weeks and worry that things aren’t changing. It can make you feel like it’s pointless and can take away your motivation. Don’t panic. It takes a lot of time. It’s a cliché, but it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. If you’re patient and you keep it up for a long time, you’ll see results.

Focus On Form

The best thing to do during a workout is to keep the correct form through the entire session. It doesn’t matter if you feel you can lift more weight, if you’re doing it wrong then you’re not going to see anywhere near as much progress.

Don’t Worry About Others

One of the biggest fears people have when thinking about a gym environment is the thought of doing something silly, or looking out of place and being judged. It’s not the case at all. Sure, there may be a kid in there who acts childish, but he or she is in the wrong here. You’re all in there to reach the same kind of goal, and people around you will be friendly and helpful – just as you’ll be once you’re experienced and a newbie needs help!

Rest Well

Once the workout is done and you’re home, you’ll want to feed yourself after a good session and all of that worrying that amounted to nothing! There are a bunch of websites, articles and videos around that can tell you all about the right foods and drinks to aid your recovery. As you’ve realised it’s not much to stress over, you’ll want to go more! But careful, when your body is sore, you have to take a break from it. The body needs that time to repair and grow.


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