3 Reasons To Start A Bodyweight Fitness Program Today

Image via Pixabay There are many different ways to get fit. You could take up cycling, or gymnastics. You could get into Olympic weightlifting, or powerlifting. Or, you could get involved in serious bodyweight training.… View Post

My All-Time Favorite Facial Oils

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The Reasons I Love Ayurvedic Medicine

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The Plant Based Diet and Why I Chose It.

Plant Based Diets are on the Rise, and I can see why. I have been eating fresh vegetables. and grains for about two months now, and I’m addicted. Plant based for me was the right… View Post

Patriotic Fashion With The Flag Shirt

Fashion comes in many forms, and one thing I love is wearing the right kind of fashion to represent me and who I am. I love showing how Patriotic I am, and the American Flag… View Post