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A Quick Rundown: Yoga vs Pilates

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Yoga has taken the nation by storm. It is currently one of the most popular activities and is only on track to grow larger and larger. Even though yoga is very well-known and practiced, Pilates is another practice also gaining popularity. There are several reputable Pilates teachers, as well as some high-profile practitioners that may cause Pilates to rival yoga sometime in the near future. For those wondering which one they should start with, you may find both is an option. There are many people that would like a good balance of health benefits, and these arts simultaneously. The key is to find something that will motivate you to keep fit and in shape.

Yoga Versus Pilates

While there are influences that goes both ways between these practices, it is very apparent that yoga has helped to shape the practice of Pilates considerably. Joseph Pilates, as a student of yoga himself, has writing that shows that he created the art form in an attempt to connect the mind, body, and soul. Because of this, both Yoga and Pilates offer similar benefits. They are great for developing flexibility, control, body strength and of course stress relief, not to mention bettering endurance. The main difference between these two is on the level of spirituality taught in classes. Generally, the practice of Pilates lacks the spiritual elements that Yoga contains. Regardless, Pilates is a fantastic way to get into conditioning the body and can complement or lead into a regular yoga practice. Another benefit of Pilates is that it goes at a slower pace, making it ideal for reaching a meditative state.

Yoga and Pilates Differences

Classes in Pilates have a primary focus on strength and tone in the body, as well as developing control and flexibility. Core strength is usually a leading priority with Pilates. Platies provides a disciplined regime that has to be carried out regularly to develop and gain benefit. If you have a preference for lower cardio exercise or uncomplicated poses, you may want to go with Pilates, at least in the beginning – to find out more, visit c2pilates.com.   

Conversely, Yoga has a primary focus on being flexible and training broader muscle groups. Again, Yoga lends itself to strength and endurance, as well as some very physical movement and more spiritual practice. Yoga classes vary from easy-going to very challenging. Because of this variety, Yoga offers plenty for everyone. If you are very keen on bodily movement and like to take things as they come, then you might enjoy Yoga.

A Fantastic Combination

So, given the two styles explained above, which do you pick? Choosing one of these to conditional the body and strengthen the mind is a fantastic idea. In reality, incorporating both of these into your weekly routines alongside a solid diet can do wonders for your health. The balance of the two of these is up to you. You may want to practice yoga regularly, adding in a few Pilates sessions weekly. As mentioned before, there are differences between the two that may mean you want to focus on the priorities of one rather than the other first. To narrow down, first work out how fit you are and what you can manage to take on and go from there.


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