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The Plant Based Diet and Why I Chose It.

Plant Based Diets are on the Rise, and I can see why. I have been eating fresh vegetables. and grains for about two months now, and I’m addicted. Plant based for me was the right move. I use to eat a lot of chicken, thinking it was healthy. I truly thought it was something I needed for protein. Boy, was I wrong. I have never been a milk drinker other than almond milk. I couldn’t digest it properly. It seemed every time I drank it, my stomach issues would set in. I finally did away with milk. I haven’t drank milk in probably eight years. If I make me my green juice or green shake daily, I use almond milk. I have finally got my family adapted to it also. It’s funny how my stomach issues are gone.


I started doing research on chicken and even watched a documentary on it. It blew my mind what I found out. I found that most chickens are raised in over-stuffed coops, and living on floors covered in excrement. It occurred to me that most of these chickens are stressed out because of these conditions with very little immunity. The poultry processing is very rough. They use toxic chemicals to clean all the poultry . We are literally ingesting it.

The part that I couldn’t wrap my head around was the waste associated with poultry production. It takes roughly 600 gallons of water and six pounds of grain to produce very little chicken. That is truly insane. I realized that over time it’s not just good for us, but not very good for our environment. I grew up eating chicken, and as I have gotten older, I knew chicken wasn’t agreeing with my system. I felt very tired after eating just a small amount, and I would start having stomach upset like no other.


I knew I had to change something. The more I ate chicken, the more I realized how much my system was upset. The dairy and meat portion for me was enough. I didn’t want it any longer after doing more and more research. It occurred to me that my system was rejecting it. I then decided to try the Sakara 10 Day cleanse. The cleanse changed my life and my thinking. I knew at that moment I didn’t need animal meat any longer. I started making every single meal out of wholesome, unprocessed foods. My skin looked amazing, my body felt amazing and I was full of energy. I’ve always been a huge fitness nut, but it rose to a whole new level. I lost 6-7 pounds. I started focusing on plant based foods. I also realized certain products are simply not healthy.

I started researching some amazing recipes through Pinterest.

I have since then started my own little recipe book with only my favorite recipes that are purely plant based. I make a lot of my own meals, but I truly enjoy it. If you feel you want to try a Plant Based Diet or try some recipes, you can do it.

  • Start out small. You will not be able to make the change over night. If you grew up liking something that was fed to you for a long period, it will take a bit to adjust not having it.
  • Take one meal a day and try Plant Based. There are millions of recipes that are so delicious. You may think its hard to eat Plant Based, but it was the Best decision I ever made for my health and I.
  • Try taking out one item a day that isn’t plant based and see how you do. Like I said, start Slow.
  • Invest in some Good Recipe Books. My favorite is the new Sakara Eat Clean Play Dirty Cookbook.

Plant Based Diets in my mind aren’t a diet. It’s a way of Life. It’s my Way of Life.

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