The Causebox Love

Happy Friday!

I recently received my amazing Causebox, and I can’t tell you how amazing it is. The first thing you should know is that the whole concept of The Causebox is to give back to some amazing causes. The artisans that supplied some of the most beautiful items in this box have really built some amazing businesses, and I’m so excited to be a part of it. I added in some beautiful pics of some of the great items inside.

This the Beautiful Cause box Spring box

The Spring Box is amazing. The minute you open it up, you can see some of the most beautiful possessions. The best part is that all of the items are good for this amazing planet we live on. I really hope after sharing this box love with you, that yourselves will try it out.

The Spring 2019 Box consists of these amazing things:

  • Cosmedix Mask
  • Marina De Buchi bracelet
  • Cleobella scarf
  • Kalos Hydra Mist
  • Ettitude Bamboo mask
  • Wyld facial sponge
  • Altru plant hanger
  • Glass Ladder &Co Vegan leather portfolio clutch
  • Alja Horvat Print

These amazing artisans have teamed up to put their beautiful gifts in this box. The quality of these items is astounding as well as beautiful. I want to go through each item that you get and what its about.


This mask and scrub is made from bamboo extract to achieve the best skin results with such natural products. I used this mask once and couldnt believe how my skin felt.

The Cosmedix Mask and scrub

Marina De Buchi gold plated bracelet

This gold plated bracelet symbolizes freedom and helps to abolish human trafficking. This is truly amazing.

Wyld Facial Sponge

This powerful yet gentle sponge is made from renewable plant root and french pink clay. It is then baked. This is so good for your skin.

Ettitude 100 % organic bamboo lycell mask

This mask is perfect for anyone. It is made from an earth friendly fabric that happens to be so so soft.

Altru Plant Hanger

This is a beautiful macramé plant hanger that can be hung almost anywhere your heart desires. It was made in an effort to plant trees in parts of California that were recently destroyed in the wildfires.

Kalos Rose Water Hydrating Mist

This Rose Water Hydrating Mist was inspired by a rosewater recipe and designed to go provide a moment of peace with every spritz.

Cleobella spring scarf

This is absolutely gorgeous. It is made from vegan silk and inspired by global designs and female empowerment. You feel so beautiful wearing this scarf.

Glass Ladder & Co Clutch

The clutch is a blogger’s best friend. I cant believe how much I use this for my writing jobs and campaigns. This is a PETA approved portfolio clutch and is designed for work and play.

I cant tell how you amazing this Causebox is, and what it stands for. It’s not just about getting a box and receiving beautiful things. It also stands for helping and supporting these amazing causes. The name fits it Perfect.



Happy Friday Friends!

I’ve been wanting to have this post done for quite a while, but there was so much to cover. My amazing husband took me to Belize for my 44th birthday. The understatement is that I had fun. Fun isn’t even a word for this trip. It was more than I ever dreamed, and in my terms it was Magical.

Belize is beautiful. It’s stunning actually. There are many parts where there is a lack of money, but the people there are amazing. They are sweet, kind, generous and more than anything HAPPY! They are happy with their lives. We made friends there in such a short amount of time, but I will be back to see them. The island of Ambergris Caye is magnificent. There is so much to do and we really had the time of our lives.

My coffee views every morning
The view from our condo!


We stayed in a gorgeous, oceanfront condo at the Grande Caribe Resort that overlooked just about everything. The best part was hanging on our balcony each night ,with a good glass of wine watching the sunsets. I’m a sunset girl, and Belize has the most beautiful sunsets. Out condo was gorgeous and spacious, and the views couldn’t of been any better. I truly believe we had the BEST condo in the whole place. The people that worked there were so generous and sweet. We had our massages half the time on our balcony and then on the beach. They were so accommodating to us. The main way to get around Ambergris Caye is by golf cart. It is so fun. We rented a golf cart the whole week and drove around checking the island out. The resort had multiple pools and our condo had it’s own private one. They had a great rooftop restaurant called Rain. They had the best food with the best views of Ambergris Caye. The best back drops for photos I know. The Best place for breakfast and a good mimosa is Marbucks Coffee House. The owners , once again were delightful. The food was amazing.

The Truck Stop is A Must -See!
At the Truck Stop Getting IceCream!
Secrets Beach.. Dream Land
Marbucks coffee House and Resort
A Fine Marbucks Breakfast
The Beautiful Victoria House


I stayed right down the road from the best ecofriendly Yoga retreat. they held their classes at 9 am and I would drive the golf cart down for the class. It was in a rainforest setting and it was around the ocean. I can’t tell you how beautiful it was. They would hold meditation classes. The owners were so sweet. I have truly missed that place. Yoga is huge in Belize and now I know why there is such a calmness among the people.



The Truck Stop was major fun. It is a place right off the road that has multiple stations, bars, games and live music all the time. That is where we met our friend ,Francisco. We truly miss him. It was like we had known him for years. They had the best ice cream and we met many people there. We will definitely be back to see him. We even got his number. LOL The Truck Stop is a major staple in Belize.


Secrets Beach is a Must See for anyone traveling to Belize. We took the golf cart there. It was located about 6 miles away. The golf cart rides are so fun. You just meet people on the road. There is a bar and many little Belize artisan shops surrounding the Beach. The Beach has the most aqua blue water. That is an understatement. It was so beautiful. I didn’t want to leave. We hung out in the water all day, sipping the Best drinks. There is plenty of space to lay out, walk, and shop. The Best part for me was just taking in all the Beauty around me. It’s stunning.

One Of Many Great Belize Nights !


This was one of the Best things about my trip, if not the BEST. We docked this massive boat with many people. The cruise was 4 hours long. I know you are probably thinking, WHAT? 4 hours… I have to say it was one of the Best 4 hours in my life. They have the music pumping, drinks flowing, and people are up dancing and singing. We met some kind people on that cruise too. The boat ride gets more fun as the night goes on . I guess many people had too many drinks. We stopped and watched the sunset while they served us a great dinner. I will never forget that fun night.


The Victoria House resort is a place I would love to stay the next time I visit Belize. Their spa is amazing. The grounds are that of an old plantation, and they made their hotel look magnificent. The main house is surrounded by these little plantation huts with private pools, and cute boutiques. They are on their own private beach, and its stunning. I will definitely be trying this place out next time. We were suppose to stay there originally, but they were sold out.

I could go on and on about this trip. I have so many amazing photos. Belize is truly an amazing place to visit. I’ve been to so many places, but this is definitely at the top. I will definitely be making another trip back .