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3 Reasons Driving is Bad For Your Health &Wellbeing!

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As someone who likes to encourage a healthy lifestyle, one of my main pieces of advice is to be as active as possible. This can be as simple as walking around or cycling instead of driving. In fact, I dislike driving for many reasons because it’s just bad for your health and wellbeing.

I mean sure, it turns slightly long journeys into short ones – and it’s helpful when there’s rain. But, in general, driving damages your health! To drive my point home (no pun intended) take a look at these points:

It stresses you out

I’ve been in cars with some of the calmest people I’ve ever met, and they go crazy as soon as they get their hands on the steering wheel. Road rage is a legitimate thing, and almost everyone has a bit of it. Driving stresses you out because there are so many things that are out of your control. Traffic lights taking ages to change, drivers going too slow, pedestrians almost walking out in front of your car – it puts a strain on your mental health! Even being stuck in a traffic jam can be stressful, which leads to things like high blood pressure. If you’re continually raising your heart rate and getting stressed for hours a week in your car, then it will only do damage to your wellbeing.

It’s a top cause of injuries

Anyone that lives a healthy life will know that injuries are a source of both physical and mental pain. Driving is a prime cause of accidents that lead to severe injuries. There are so many crazy and reckless drivers out there that always get into car crashes. We even have things like The General Auto Insurance that are set up specifically for people who get into lots of accidents! All it takes is one idiot to crash into your car and cause muscle spasms, broken bones – or mental scarring as well. Now, you can’t be as active as you want because you’re hurt. As a result, you’re more likely to get depressed and slip into lots of bad and unhealthy habits!

It makes you lazy

I would say the main reason I dislike driving is that it encourages laziness. I remember when my friends in school passed their driving tests. It was crazy because they lived a ten-minute walk away, but would suddenly start driving to school. Why? What’s the point? When you can drive, you almost use it as an excuse to be lazy and avoid walking. You make loads of short trips in your car every week. Now, imagine you walked all of those 5 or 10-minute journeys instead. You’d rack up loads more active minutes per week, which contributes to your overall health and fitness. It’s terrible for your body to stay seated and inactive. So, don’t let your car encourage you to do this!

If I could, I wouldn’t drive anywhere. Not only is it bad for your health, but it’s bad for the environment too! But, I appreciate driving is unavoidable for a lot of people. All I’ll say is that you should try and cut down on how much you drive. Do this, and you will prevent health issues and stay more active and fit!


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