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Top Reasons Why Women Should Do Weight Training


A number of different fitness trends have come into play over the past few years. Women are being inspired by the thousands of Instagram stars showcasing just how you can get healthy and look great too. Although this is encouraging women to get to the gym, there is still a stigma surrounding lifting weights. You may have heard the myths flying around – that it will make you look bulky or it’s only for young people. But, in fact, there are plenty of benefits to weight training for people of all ages, and here are some of the top reasons to incorporate it into your gym routine.

Helps you look leaner

Many people think that weight training is just about building huge muscles and being able to lift big weights. However, it can actually help you look leaner without getting bulky. Some people are also put off as it can, in fact, make you gain weight, but by losing fat and gaining muscle, your body will look more defined and slimmer compared to no weight training in your routine. You should try to avoid thinking about the number on the scales and just focus on creating a healthy body that you are comfortable with.

Creates healthy bones and joints

Another myth is that lifting weights is bad for your joints and strains your muscles. Ok, so this might be true if you’re training incorrectly and are lifting weights above your capability. However, with a comprehensive training plan, lifting weights promotes bone development and improves skeletal muscle aging. If you suffer from lower back pain too, it can also reduce this with regular training and correct techniques.

Improves mental wellbeing

Any type of exercise contributes to improved mental and physical wellbeing, and weight training is no different. It can also be a significant stress reliever too. According to studies, there is a connection between resistance training and a reduction in stress and anxiety. Popping to the gym can also be a welcome relief after a frustrating day, and can help you relax as you’re focusing on training and improving your body.

Improves confidence

Alongside feeling healthier, many people want to improve their body as it makes them feel happier about their body image. When individuals feel good about themselves and how they look, it can enhance confidence tenfold. Of course, it’s not just about looking a certain way or trying to fit in with the latest fitness trends. But training for your own personal goals and achieving them is a great way to boost your motivation and encourage you to strive for other purposes. By building your confidence in the gym, it can improve your outlook on life in general and support your aspirations in a number of different areas such as relationships and careers.

You don’t have to lift big weights either as starting with exercises such as a kettlebell deadlift will help you feel the benefits of the above. But if you’re stuck on where to start, ask a personal trainer for advice and put together a plan to help improve your life.


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