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How To Reduce Inflammation Naturally

If you ever find in your training that you are feeling sore, lethargic, in pain, or swollen, then it could be because there is some inflammation in your body. It is something that is really natural, especially if you have an injury. As has been said, inflammation is a natural process that does help your body to heal and to defend itself from harm. However, inflammation can be something that is so harmful if it keeps lasting and becomes chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation could last for weeks or perhaps even years, and if it is left and nothing is done to deal with it, then it could lead to several health problems. That being said, there are plenty of things that you can do to reduce inflammation in your body, and things that will help to improve your overall health. So if this sounds like you, or you want to know more for when you have injuries and your body will be naturally inflamed, then this is for you. Here are some steps to living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle and.


What Is Inflammation?

Inflammation, as has been mentioned briefly, is your body’s way of protecting itself from things like infection, injury or illness. As part of the response your body has, your body will increase the production of blood cells, immune cells, and substances that help to fight infection. If you’re not sure what inflammation will look like, then some signs to look out for are things like redness, pain, swelling, and even heat from certain areas of your body.

On the other hand, chronic inflammation, which is pretty long-term, is usually something that will happen inside of your body, so you might not actually spot any noticeable symptoms. This kind of inflammation can be the factor that drives illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and perhaps even cancer. So it really is a good idea to make sure that your body isn’t inflamed, as it can help your overall health and long-term health. Chronic inflammation can be something that can also happen if you’re overweight, obese or under high levels of stress.

What Are The Causes?

As has been mentioned, there are some lifestyle factors that can lead to inflammation, especially factors that are a particular habit. This can be things like having a lot of sugar in your diet and refined foods, as these can be the most harmful to your body. Too much of these foods can lead to diabetes, insulin resistance which has similarities to diabetes, and obesity. There have also been studies that have found that having a lot of refined carbs, like white bread and cakes, can also be a factor, as they can be something that leads to diabetes, as well as obesity, which is why a low carb diet could be a good solution to help reduce inflammation. What’s more, if you eat processed and packaged foods that are full of trans fats, then they have been shown to promote inflammation too. Vegetable oils that are used in many processed foods could also be another culprit to avoid in your diet. If you drink quite a lot of alcohol on a regular basis, as well as processed meat, then that has also shown to have an impact. Being active is key to avoiding it too, as long as you don’t overdo it and lead to an injury.

Foods to Avoid

Some of the foods that you need to avoid have been mentioned, but here are a list of foods that are best to avoid if you want to reduce chronic inflammation, or your risk of chronic inflammation. They are best if they are only eaten sparingly, or perhaps even cut out completely.

  • Sugary drinks like fruit juices and fizzy pop drinks
  • Refined carbohydrates like white bread, pasta, and cakes
  • Desserts are generally off-limits because of their high sugar content, especially things like cookies, candy, and ice cream
  • Processed meats like hot dogs and sausages are best to avoid
  • Snack foods like chips and pretzels
  • There are certain oils to avoid in your cooking and in the foods that you eat, like processed vegetable oils such as corn oil
  • Drinking too much alcohol is best avoided in life in general, but especially for inflammation

Foods to Eat

It isn’t all doom and gloom, though, there are many things that you can eat and fill your life and diet with tasty and yummy food. These are all the best anti-inflammatory foods, so fill your diet with these:

  • Vegetables are a good thing in any diet, but especially in an anti-inflammatory diet. Some of the best vegetables are broccoli, kale, cabbage, and cauliflower
  • Fruit, again, is a great thing to have in your diet. But not all fruit is created equal. The best options for fruit are berries, including grapes and cherries
  • High-fat fruits like avocado and olives are great to have too, in certain portion sizes
  • Olive oil and coconut oil are the best oils to have in your diet
  • Fish like salmon, anchovies, sardines, and mackerel are great to get your omega-3 fatty acids into your diet
  • Nuts are such a good source of natural healthy fat, as well as being packed full of vitamins and minerals. Just make sure they aren’t the salted or processed kind
  • We all want something sweet from time to time, which is where chocolate comes in. Dark chocolate is the best to have if you want anti-inflammatory food
  • If you like to have a tipple that is more than water from time to time, then green tea is a great healthy option for a warm drink. If you want to have an alcoholic drink as well, then red wine is the best option (just make sure you only have a small glass at a time)
  • Spicing up your food is a good idea with things like chilli, as well as using things like tumeric and cinnamon

Chronic inflammation really is an unhealthy thing for your body, and can lead to even worse diseases. In many instances, the diet and lifestyle that you have can drive the inflammation or can even make it worse. If you aim for an anti-inflammatory diet, then it can really help with your optimal health and overall wellbeing, making sure that you are as healthy as possible.


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